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These pets rescued from Taal eruption are looking for a home

These pets rescued from Taal eruption are looking for a home

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We’ve always had a soft spot for animals, and as firm believers of “adopt, don’t shop,” we felt like it’s important to share that these dogs rescued from the Taal volcano eruption early this year are now looking for loving homes.

Back in January, the Taal volcano in Batangas erupted again after decades of inactivity. Its long-time silence led to a big eruption that left the areas around it devastated, and aside from people, the animals living in those places were also hugely affected. Many were displaced, and left behind by their owners in their haste to leave the area before the volcano fully explodes.

Fortunately, we have animal rescue teams like Lara’s Ark who helped rescue and take care of our furry friends at such a difficult and risky period. 

They personally went to the affected areas to rescue dogs put in danger by the eruption, attended to their wounds and injuries, made sure they were free of ash and provided a temporary shelter as well. Just this July, they announced that after completing a long rehabilitation process, the dogs that they rescued are up for adoption.

“During the rescue, we had to coordinate and go through with each and every LGU to secure a clearance or permit to enter the locked-down areas,” shared the management of Lara’s Ark, adding that in some cases, they were even escorted by officials. 

According to the team, there are two kinds of rescue that they had to do. The first was requested rescues, “where the owners of the pets reach out and ask us to rescue them as they were not able to return home to get their babies and personal belongings.”

“The other is where we would walk the ash-covered streets and do a house-to-house search (of course, just by the perimeter walls or gates) for dogs left chained, caged, or alone with no food or water. Once they are spotted, the team would move in the rescue and the other team members would leave a note for when the owner comes back they would be able to contact us and reunite with their babies,” said the management of Lara’s Ark.

“Many of them were stuck on the island itself, covered in ash, and abandoned,” the team shared.

Among the things they had to do upon rescue were make sure that the injured dogs are treated and cleaned.

“Soon after we reached our shelter limit, that was when we started the rehab for each and every dog. They were groomed, bathed and given their check-ups, treatments, surgery if needed and vaccines,” said the team, who also mentioned that they took charge in deworming and ensuring that the dogs receive rabies, distemper and parvo shots.

“Of course, the most important part of the day was playing and just hanging out with the dogs,” added the management of Lara’s Ark.

The team was also happy to share that some of their rescued dogs have already found loving homes after they began the search for new owners earlier this July. Currently, they’re taking a short break from processing adoptions after receiving an overwhelming amount of support, but they will be resuming operations on Aug. 1.

To adopt the dogs rescued by Lara’s Ark, a short assessment interview will be conducted via phone call. Once you pass the interview, you can schedule a visit to the shelter where you would also be having a face-to-face interview (please bring a valid government-issued ID and mask!)

The Lara’s Ark shelter is located at JP Laurel Street, Barangay Lumbangan, Nasugbu, Batangas. For further information, check out their Instagram page which also features the profiles of each dog available for adoption.


Header photo art made with photos from Lara’s Ark

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