Jul 31, 2020

As a child, it’s always been a part of my morning routine to wait for the Yakult lady to pass by our house. While kids my age were in love with ice cream, I was there sitting by my room’s window, happily sipping Yakult. Looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever missed a day bugging my mom to give me some coins so I can buy a bottle. She was so done with me that she offered to buy me a whole pack. I refused though. I mean, where’s the fun in that?

Now that I’m older, I never grew out of loving it. In fact, I still drink at least a bottle a day. Besides its sweet and tangy taste that I loved, it helped a lot with my metabolism. So when various Yakult-infused desserts started invading my IG feed, I was initially weirded out. But as a Yakult apologist, I still tried them, and surprisingly, they’re not that bad (they’re actually really good but maybe that’s the Yakult obsession talking).


Ice cream

You can make your own Yakult-flavored ice cream with only three ingredients: all-purpose cream, condensed milk and Yakult. You literally just need to mix it all together, pop it in the fridge and wait until it sets.

But if these ingredients aren’t available in your pantry, you can always order some from Mom’s Sorbetes for P145. Just contact message them on IG or text them through 0917-6551210 or 0917-5222287.



In my 15 years of drinking probiotic milk, I never knew it can be used in a cake. But it works—and it tastes good, too. Mélange, a Parañaque-based bake shop, offers a tres leches-inspired Yakult-infused cake for P450.

They stopped accepting orders due to quarantine protocols though. They announced in a Facebook post that they will resume operations soon but didn’t specify an exact date. While waiting, you can check out their recipe video on how Yakult cake is made.

Only from mélange. Yakult Cake. #mélange #yakultcake #yakult

Posted by melange.ph on Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Milk tea

While milk tea isn’t new to the Yakult bandwagon, Craft Your Own Milk Tea launched their version of bottled Yakult milk tea—the shop’s first ever ready-to-drink product. It only requires three ingredients: green tea, honey and Yakult. A bottle costs P130.

But if you’re feeling adventurous and want to create your own, they also released a recipe for it.


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