Aug 11, 2020

Oh what will I do now with all this time?” asks American singer Tiffany in her 1988 hit “All This Time.” Tiffany is all of us this quarantine. Confronted with an abundance of time, many of us are trying their hands on many things to pass time—that is, when we are not busy working from home.

But this is arguably the best time to finally get started on that passion project we’ve been putting off—except for maybe projects that involved copious amounts of money because of recession. 

Start small. Remember that pottery class you’ve always wanted to go to but you’re either busy on a weekend or the session had a limited number of students allowed? While it doesn’t look like we’ll be fully able to roam around without fear of contracting the virus, we’ve found that next best thing—for aspiring potters at least.

An Instagram shop called @potterysessions by ceramicist Catherine Choachuy is selling DIY pottery kits that you can have delivered at home to start your clay adventure.

Choachuy currently has two kits for sale: a pottery starter kit (P1,000) consisting of two kilos of clay and equipment (wooden guides, brush, strings, sponge, scraper) and a basic kit (P380) that has tools for intermediate and advanced potters (wood knife, metal rib, loop tool, wire, pin and ribbon tool, etc.). Both are available for purchase through direct message and email via [email protected]

Here’s the best part about these kits, the starter pack is already inclusive of a firing fee that lets you send back your dried creations to Pottery Sessions’s Quezon City studio for glazing and firing. Once they’re done, Choachuy will contact you for pickup details.

No potter’s wheel? No problem. Choachuy also hosts online workshops that teach basic pottery skills including hand sculpting and designing. You can already register for a three-hour workshop for hand-building on Aug. 29 through this link.

Now, go live your Demi Moore-Patrick Swayze “Ghost” fantasy minus supernatural elements and no potter’s wheel required.


Header photo courtesy of Catherine Choachuy on Instagram

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