Aug 24, 2020

Let’s face it: only a handful of plants posted online by newly-minted plantitos and plantitas live to see the day (offline). It’s part of the experience actually. Getting to know new species and finding if it is suited in your environment and your capacity for caring. The fact is, not all people have green thumbs and it doesn’t help that most indoor spaces are not fit for plant habitation.

The feeling and warmth that these plants bring into any space are just priceless, which makes them all the more aspirational at a time when we spend our waking and sleeping hours indoors.

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Lucky for us who can’t keep plants alive, there are hardy varieties like the snake plant, cactuses and many others which can endure long waterless days and less-experienced hands.

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A wall of green leaves to make my heart and soul sing with joy. 🥰🌿 This wallhanging doesn't need any soil, water, or fertilizer. Just some love and affection will keep this beauty alive for a very, very long time. . With all the craze right now with plants, our original macrame leaf wallhanging is ready to make its debut. Honestly, this project was much, much more challenging than the feather wallhangings. It's because of several things. One, the cords are much longer and brushing them out has become more laborous. Two, the leaves need to be shaped as they dry. They sort of expand and shrink in different parts so I needed to keep adjusting until they dry out completely. Three, I needed to balance the different shades of green so that it's much more visually appealing. There are actually 6 shades of green in this piece alone. There are a lot more factors involved but those three are the keypoints. . Now I'm thinking whether to offer this as a set, or maybe deconstruct to individual leaves. It's actually kinda big. Each leaf is about 16 square inches. The entire wallhanging is 60in wide and 40in long. . If you're curious, the plants I used for inspiration for leaf shapes are: Monstera, Traveller's Palm, Fan Palm, Yemane Tree, Alocasia, and some other Philodendrons. . Hi to all the plantitos and plantitas out there! What do you think? 😊 Will post more photos soon! . These are not yet for sale but I will let you know once they are. Will still need to finalize the selection of leaves 😊 But if you are excited to try it out yourself, you can start making your own macrame leaves with our 8mm cotton cords. We still have some left and you can purchase them from our website. 😉 . #monstera #philodendron #palm #alocasia #macrame #macrameph #fiberart #plantlover #plantita #plantito #plants #green #wallart #homedecor #interiordecor #handmade #etsy #crafty #manila #philippines #plantcollection #decor #halaman #plantlove #plantmama #plantdad #plantmom #gardening #urbangarden

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For those looking to cohabitate with another living thing other than their family members, but are not equipped with what one might call basic plant instincts, the next best option is—no, definitely not plastic plants but plant-like home decor like these macrame leaves.

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Simple Sentiments, a line of macrame and other handmade woven accessories and home decorations, makes these wallhangings inspired by popular plant species like monstera, traveller’s palm, fan palm, yemane tree, alocasia and some other philodendrons.

You don’t need water, soil or fertilizer for these verdant pieces. Each leaf is about 16 square inches and comes in six different shades of green. An entire assemblage of these is 60 inches wide and 40 inches long.

The brand is known for its intricate pastel-colored feather wall hangings that look straight out of a Pinterest mood board. But, according to their Instagram page, the macrame leaves are even more difficult to make because of many factors.

“One, the cords are much longer and brushing them out has become more laborious. Two, the leaves need to be shaped as they dry. They sort of expand and shrink in different parts so we needed to keep adjusting until they dry out completely. Three, we needed to balance the different shades of green so that it’s much more visually appealing,” the post read.

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The set has yet to be available for purchase but according to Simple Sentiments, a selection will be made available this week on their website.

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Learn to rest, not to quit. . Happy weekend, everyone. I hope you are all doing fine. A lot of things have happened, are happening, and will happen this month that trying to think about it makes my mind all blurry. Some of you can perhaps relate. However, we should not forget to rest. Rest both the mind, the body, and the soul. They are all connected and an imbalance will have an effect on life. Take a step back. Even if it is just for a few minutes. Step back and breath. . Here is a preview of what I thought of last week. Plant leaves ala macrame! What do you think? This one's a monstera leaf. It's not yet for sale because I plan to make a whole collection with different leaf shapes and sizes. But it may take some time. I just posted to see what you guys think. This July will be busy as I'm now relocating to a new shop. I'll give an update on that soon. . Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful weekend! . #macrame #macrameph #plants #monstera #fiher #fiberart #fiberartist #diy #handmade #homedecor #decor #plantlovers #green #plantmama #summer #itstheweekend #bohemian #boho #interiordesign #interiors #design #homestyling #etsy #manila #philippines #macramemakers #modernmacrame #macramemovement #plantsofinstagram

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“Now we’re thinking whether to offer this as a set or maybe deconstruct to individual leaves,” the brand added.

Yes, shopping for new things—these macrame leaves included—gives you a certain serotonin hit, but so do working on small recreational hobbies like baking, cooking and yes, caring for plants. Speaking of hobbies, macrame kits are also available on Simple Sentiments’ website, if you want to be a little more hands-on on this plant-like project.

With its inclusions like an 8mm cotton cord, you can try your hand at making these woven leaves. Delivery is available through JRS Express nationwide and through Grab Express and pickup for Metro Manila.



Header photo courtesy of Simple Sentiments Instagram page

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