Sep 8, 2020

The -ber months are finally here, which by Filipino standards means the start of the Christmas season. Although parties and other usual Christmas traditions are a no-go due to quarantine restrictions, that doesn’t mean there’s no cause for celebration. 

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After trying lechon after lechon in Manila, I’ve never found one that tasted quite like home. As a Cebuana, my standards for lechon are very high to say the least. To me, the perfect lechon makes its presence known before you even see it. The smell should greet you as soon as it makes its way to the table. The skin should be audibly crisp and well-seasoned, while the inside should be fork-tender, moist and brimming with flavor that requires no additional sauce. 

I was definitely skeptical when I first saw Pig Senyor’s claim of being “authentic Cebu lechon.” It sounded almost impossible to me, so I just had to try it. I ordered a box as soon as I could, and I was greeted with a happy surprise. It tasted just like lechon from back home, no air freight necessary.  

Pig Senyor!, a play on the famed Sinulog festival chant “Viva Pit Senyor!” was born out of the desire to share a bit of home. According to Pig Senyor’s president, Gabrielle Cruz Castillo, “Food has a special way of sharing one’s culture and heritage. Our main goal was to share a piece of our home, Cebu.”

To deliver on their promise of bringing a taste of Cebu to your tables in Manila, they work with Cebu lechoneros with decades of experience in roasting the perfect pig. 

We’d been flying in lechon from Cebu for over a decade. Because of all the flight delays, it was never as fresh as what we grew up eating. Finally, last year, we were able to fly in the lechoneros instead, haha! They had been roasting lechon in Cebu for decades. With their experience and our desire to share the taste of home, we’re able to roast authentic Cebu lechon in Manila,” she added. 

The finished product is nothing short of a cause for celebration. 

I’ve had my fair share of lechon here in Manila, but none of them came close to what we had back home, except for Pig Senyor. To me, Pig Senyor’s lechon is what lechon should be. It evokes memories of childhood parties and sneaking pinches of lechon skin with cousins while you think your titas and titos aren’t looking. It is truly a party in your mouth. 

Safe to say, Pig Senyor definitely has this Cebuana’s seal of approval. 

Pig Senyor is a love letter to Cebu. To our home that we miss. To the smells of it. To the tastes of it. And to all the memories of it that make us who we are. It is our way of sharing with Manileños a piece of our hometown,” Castillo concludes. 

There are three flavors available to choose from. The “OG,” which is the original Cebu lechon; mild spicy, for the more adventurous types; and spicy, for those who really want to kick it up a notch. They also sell lechon by the kilo for those looking to celebrate a party of one or two. Each per kilo box comes with reheating instructions to get the most out of every bite. 

So if you’re looking to host a family event or a celebration for a party of one, Pig Senyor’s authentic Cebu lechon is the perfect addition to any table. Best of all? They deliver right to your doorstep. 

For orders, you can get in touch with Pig Senyor through their Instagram, Facebook or call 0917-1896465.


Header photo by Pig Senyor’s Facebook

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