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Turkish delights, snow globe cheesecake and where to find other unique sweet treats

Turkish delights, snow globe cheesecake and where to find other unique sweet treats

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Quarantine has us all slowing down and enjoying the little things. It’s also brought out the inner baker and entrepreneur in a lot of people. These days, seeing an ad on Instagram for cookies and brownies just seem like a part of your feed. If you want to switch things up from burnt basque cheesecake and revel bars, here are some Instagram stores with a lot of unique sweet treats to explore: 

Handcrafted Blessings

Turkish delights were always a point of curiosity among people who watched “The Chronicles of Narnia” series. Were they really delicious enough to betray your family for? If you’d like to give them a try for yourself, Blessings374 has them available along with other traditional Turkish fare like baklava, kanafeh and börek. 

Message @blessings374 to place your order


Jamie’s Artisan Blooms

Have you ever seen something that looks too beautiful to eat? Jamie’s Artisan Blooms gives you that exact feeling with their jello cheesecake snow globes. Each snow globe is entirely unique with a beautiful flower made of jello right in the center. The entire cake is an edible work of art and a feast for the senses to say the least.

Message @jamies_artisan_blooms to place your order


Nibble MNL

The iconic French macaron isn’t usually associated with afternoon snacking, but Nibble MNL has made it easier for you to eat like royalty while working from home. They make an assortment of different flavors to choose from, like butterscotch, white chocolate matcha, and chocnut just to name a few. They can also customize designs and colors if you order ahead of time!

Message @nibblemnl to place your order


Milkrun Desserts

Milkrun Desserts’s tres leches cakes come in different flavors like the OG tres leches, cereal milk and a limited edition ube flavor. The cakes are moist, surprisingly light and have just the right amount of sweetness. They also have a coconut and honey calamansi cuatro leches cake that’ll convince you to reserve an order slot for next weekend. 

Message @milkrun_ph to place your order


Aida’s Black Kutsinta

Kutsinta has been a long beloved merienda among Filipinos, but Aida’s does their kutsintas a little differently. Instead of the brown kutsinta most people are used to, theirs is a beautiful, shiny black. These little kakanins are best enjoyed with a generous dollop of their yema spread and a sprinkling of toasted niyog. It’s a perfect afternoon panghimagas to keep you going for the rest of your workday. 

Message their Facebook page to place your order


Header photos courtesy of Milkrun Desserts, Jamie’s Artisan Blooms and Handcrafted Blessings

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