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Mental health is a family matter. This webinar explains the hows and whys

Mental health is a family matter. This webinar explains the hows and whys


Six months in, many of us have probably learned to adapt to a stay-at-home lifestyle. Most people have started hobbies that can be done indoors—take cooking or baking (we should know, we’re all about that here in Nolisoli)—and if we ever do venture outdoors, it’s likely just to tend to our growing family of plants.

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But some, especially those who live with mental health conditions, may find this repetitive, monotonous cycle of staying at home (and not physically being able to meet with a therapist, counselor, or engage in the usual coping mechanisms) a challenging situation.

The pandemic, isolation and the incessant bad news cycles can take a toll on many people’s mental health. In May, the National Center for Mental Health reported that the number of calls received through their mental health crisis hotline has spiked to 300-400 calls from a previous average of 60. The United Nations also warned of the looming mental health crisis back in the same month.

But as we’re forced to stay home, and as our medical institutions and professionals continue to be swamped with cases, how can we cope?

Cheesy as it sounds, we turn to the first people we see within the very walls of our home: our family. As the people we see and interact with the most these days, family plays a key role and has a big responsibility in making sure the home is a safe space and a source of support.

The fourth leg of the #StartANewDay webinar series by Globe Telecom and Inquirer, entitled Family’s Role in One’s Mental Health focuses on how families can do just that. The webinar, which will happen live on and Nolisoli’s Facebook pages, will tackle how to spot mental health concerns within the family, how to approach and talk to family members with these concerns, where and how to get help, and what kind of therapy and support families can provide each other.

The webinar will feature mental health professionals and advocates, such as UP PsycServ’s Dr. Anna Tuazon, Hopeline founder Jean Goulbourn, mental health awareness speaker and entrepreneur Manong Ari Verzosa, and actress, host and mental health advocate Iza Calzado. The webinar will happen on Oct. 2, 2 p.m., and will be moderated by Inquirer Super’s Pam Pastor.

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