Oct 22, 2020

Close your eyes and imagine the beaches of La Union, the scenic streets of Vigan and the mountains of Sagada—it’s beautiful, right? Catering to every traveler’s taste, Northern Luzon offers diverse sceneries and landscapes that never gets tiring to explore. And speaking of taste, another factor that draws us to the regions from this side of the country is its rich cuisine. From cakes and pies to chicken and pork dishes, one must never forget to grab a bite of local food when they visit these spots.

Unfortunately, it’s been over 200 days of us sitting at home while locked down and just imagining how nice it would’ve been to take a roadtrip to these destinations. While some towns and cities in the north like Baguio, La Union and Ilocos have partially reopened their doors to tourists already, not everyone can (and have plans to) travel at the moment. After all, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. 

Fortunately, several establishments from iconic out-of-town destinations in the north have been making great efforts to bring their dishes to the metro. Here are some of them.



This one isn’t an iconic pastry or dish per se, but you can turn it into one. During quarantine, the Basco Hotel Fundacion Pacita helps bring organic sweet potatoes from Batanes farms to customers’ tables in Metro Manila in order to show why many tourists call it the land of sweet potatoes after their visits.



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Order your favorite Ilokano Comfort Food from Fariñas Ilocos Empanada Taguig via @GrabfoodPh @Lalafoodph or contact us directly at 09677452407 🧡 Empanada Regular -55 Special Eggless-65 Special-75 Double Egg-85 Extra-90 Super-130 Ultimate-130 Salted Empanada-140 Allmeat-140 Ilocos Miki Plain-70 Special-99 Supreme-145 Super Supreme -195 Ilocos Specialties Poqui-poqui- 115 Pinakbet-220 Crispy Dinuguan-200 Dinakdakan-200 Pancit Bagnet (Sharing) Pancit Bagnet-195 Salted Egg Pancit- 250 Pancit Bagnet (Bilao) Pancit Bagnet (Regular Bilao) P585 Salted Egg Pancit Bagnet Bilao P1,015 Bagnet Bilao Pinakbet with Bagnet sa Bilao (Whole)P1,400 Pinakbet with Bagnet sa Bilao (half)P750 Bagnet with Rice Bilao(Half) P880 Bagnet with Rice Bilao(Whole) P1,650 Bagnet and Longganisa Bilao (Whole)P1,375 Longganisa with Rice Bilao(Whole) P1,265 ILOCOS RICE MEALS Sulit Meal -P95 Pork Tocino-P105 Bonuan Boneless Bangus-P135 Pork Bagnet Sisig-P135 Dinakdakan-P155 Longganisang Hubad-P145 Insarabasab-P155 Crisoy Dinugauan-P165 Bagnet Meal-P155 Ilocos Beef Tapa-P155 Salted Egg Bagnet -P170 Combo Bagnet and Longganisang Meal-P195 Chicken sisig-P135 Crispy Dilis-P145 ILOCOS PANCIT COMBO MEAL (WITH RICE) Pancit Bagnet with Rice- 190 Pancit Bangus with Rice-160 Pancit Longganisa with Rice-160 SISIG OK(WITH RICE) Bagnet Sisig+ Bunuan Bangus+Rice- P 180 Bagnet Sisig + Longganisang +Rice -P180 Bagnet Sisig+ Bacon Bagnet+Rice-P180 PINAKBET MADNESS(WITH RICE) Pinakbet Bagnet Rice- P205 Pinakbet Longganisa Rice-P190 Pinakbet Bangus P190 Frozen (HALF) 1/2 Bacon- 380 1/2 Longga Hubad-250 1/2 Longga -250 1/2 Bagnet -360 SPECIALTY PASALUBONG Special Bagoong Bagnet Alamang – 235 Chili oil Bottle- 150 Banana Chips-75 Camote Chips- 75 Butcheron- 200 Chichapop BBQ-100 Chichapop Cheese- 100 Chichapop Sweet corn- 100 Chichacorn- 100 Cornick Garlic- 105 Cornick Sweet&Spicy -105 Cornick Cheese- 105 Honey -140 Okoy-145 Sukang Iloko Plain- 100 Sukang Iloko Spicy-110 Chicharon-150 #farinasilocosempanada #empanada #fooddelivery #taguigph #taguigfoodtrip #taguigtakeout #grabfoodph #grabfood #yummy #delicious #filipinofood

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Aside from the picturesque windmills and sand dunes, one of the reasons why we go to Ilocos is the local cuisine. Nothing says “satisfying” more than a bite of crispy bagnet or the unique bright orange Ilocos empanada. Thankfully, Fariñas Ilocos Empanada is around to make these signature Ilocano bites available in the metro via GrabFood and LalaFood.


La Union

Is it LU missing hours for you right now? Brewing a cup of coffee from El Union might help. The popular La Union café currently delivers its signature coffee beans in 250 grams or 1 kilogram pouches nationwide.

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Beach trips to La Union aren’t complete without getting your hands on fried chicken from Sabong. But as the pandemic continues, the local fried chicken shack turns the tide by making its specialty dish a substitute for all those surfing sessions that you miss instead. Currently, they only deliver in Metro Manila every Friday, Saturday and Sunday—and you must place your order of their Elyu original with homemade ketchup, honey bagoong with kare-kare sauce, Korean soy with gochu mayo and/or makan special chicken at least a day before.



We bring BEST BAGUIO – SAGADA FINDS in Metro Manila! 😍 Send a message to order now! ❤️🧡💚💙💜💛
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Posted by The Fruit Ninja on Saturday, October 17, 2020

If you’ve ever been to Sagada, you’d know how the café and restaurant Lemon Pie House attracts almost everyone on their way back from the town’s top caves and tourist attractions. Of course, their signature dish is none other than the light and tasty lemon pie in its name. 

The pastry comes from a family recipe of the restaurant’s owner, so it might be difficult to find a lemon pie someplace else that tastes exactly the same. Thankfully, Malabon-based business The Fruit Ninja brings it to the metro regularly along with other treats from Sagada and Baguio.



Thank you for your continuous support, Loves! With this, we are announcing a BERRY exciting news!

We are giving away…

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The City of Pines might be kilometers away, but its famed restaurant and cake shop Vizco’s has made its way here into Metro Manila—or at least, its crowd-favorite strawberry shortcake has. Available through food business Love, Strawberry, this pastry topped with chunks of farm-fresh strawberries from La Trinidad will let you experience Baguio vicariously again by tickling your tastebuds. 

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Oozing with rich pastry cream filling; perfected through time, is one of highland’s most sought-after dessert – the Victoria’s Creampuff! A personal favorite that we’ve get to share to everyone in the metro community! The convenience of having the option to pickup, take out and deliver in just a couple of minutes without leaving the confines of Metro Manila. Yes. Definitely a taste of Baguio in your every bite! Swipe left to meet your new favorites! We are located at Kalayaan Centerpointe Bldg., Kalayaan Avenue corner V. Luna St. Brgy. Malaya Quezon City. Pin us at: Kalayaan Centerpointe You may call or message us at [02] 8 3724050/09177908823 for advance orders and reservations! Or follow our Instagram account 👉🏻 @oldbaguiocafe_vluna Please ask our friendly and accommodating staff for other flavors available for advance reservation. #baguiofeels #victorias #baguioclassics #missingbaguio #flavoredcreampuff #pastry #foodstagram #baguiofavorites #classics #promotelocal #supportlocal #buylocal #lovelocalph #loveyourlocal #golokal #lovelocal #baguiocity #oldbaguiocafevluna #oldbaguiocafe #creampuffs #eatlocal #foodporn #homegrown #coffeeshop #cafewithatwist #localbusiness #baguiofoodtrip #conceptcafe #allaboutfood #baguiointhemetro 📸ctto

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But wait, there’s more: the city’s iconic Victoria’s Creampuff is also available through Old Baguio Cafe in V. Luna, Quezon City. The cafe makes sure you don’t miss out on any of the highland’s delightful creampuffs by offering its wide selection of flavors such as ube, cookies and cream, chocolate and mango.


The Famous Banana and Raisin Bread of Baguio Country Club is now available for Pre-Order!

🍞Raisin Bread – …

Posted by BCC Delivers Manila on Friday, September 18, 2020

Yes, you don’t need a membership to grab a bite of the iconic raisin bread from the exclusive five-star vacation spot Baguio Country Club. You can just have this famous loaf from the country’s summer capital delivered to your home through BCC Delivers Manila, which also offers a pickup option for those in Makati.


Header photos from Old Baguio Cafe and The Fruit Ninja

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