Oct 26, 2020

We’ve seen quarantine food trends come and go over the past few months—but it looks like the sushi bake is here to stay. Home chefs around the country have elevated this food trend, making versions reminiscent of Mexican and Korean cuisine.

Apart from combining different flavors, other chefs and home businesses have made sushi bake combinations that cater to different dietary needs. So, if you’re vegan and you want to hop on the sushi bake trend, here’s a list for you.


Isabel’s Dewy Morning Greens

Photo courtesy of Isabel’s Dewy Morning Greens

Aside from their weekly meal subscriptions, Isabel’s also has the Kani Cauli Maki. Their take on the sushi bake trend replaces white rice with cauliflower rice, and comes in salmon cream cheese, roasted garlic shrimp and kani flavors.


Pipino Veg

Photo courtesy of Pipino Veg

For sushi bakes inspired by local dishes, there’s Pipino Veg. Their Embutido Rice Bakes is made with brown rice, topped with vegetable protein, vegan cheese sauce, seaweed and spring onion.


La Mar Rosa PH

Photo courtesy of La Mar Rosa PH

Turns out inari sushi bakes are a thing, thanks to La Mar Rosa. Their version of the sushi bake is Japanese rice mixed with baked shiitake mushrooms and homemade unagi sauce—wrapped in tofu skin.


Patisserie by P

Photo courtesy of Patisserie by P

Want spicy or chicken teriyaki sushi bakes? Patisserie by P has you covered. Their sushi bakes are made with vegan mayo, Japanese rice and sesame seeds, with chicken and seafood products made with soy protein and konjac.


Header photo courtesy of Pipino Veg

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