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Our soup recipes for rainy days (or if you’re just feeling sabaw)

Our soup recipes for rainy days (or if you’re just feeling sabaw)

rainy day soup

Here it comes: the cool ‘ber months’ breeze. Nothing like a bowl of steaming hot soup to match the cool weather and the unseasonal rains, especially when mealtime hits. I admit: My first instinct is to rush to my pantry and open a cup of anything instant to warm up my tummy. But why don’t we try something different this time around?

Try these flavorful soups we’ve whipped up in our own kitchen—rainy day comfort guaranteed.


20-minute pork and bean soup

nolisoli blog eats recipe pork and bean soup
Photo by Javi Lobregat for Nolisoli

If you’re a bit pressed for time, this simple yet no-fail pick-me-upper pork and bean soup is your best bet for a rainy day meal. You can also make it with ingredients you’d easily find in your pantry. Just add some red wine for a bit of flair.


Sweet potato and roast chicken soup

Photo by Carlo Miguel for Nolisoli

Chef and triathlete Carlo Miguel shared a low-fat soup recipe that provides your daily protein requirement. It’s made with skinless chicken breast, one of the leanest meats in the market.


Sinigang—in three ways

sinigang recipe sinigang samplaok rattan alibangbang katmon manok baboy salmon
Photo by Samantha Ong and art by Levenspeil Sangalang

We love sinigang, even more so on rainy days. We often use powdered mixes to give this dish its signature sourness, but if you’ve got more time on your hands, you might want to try something new. For example? Substituting those mixes with native souring agents like alibangbang, rattan and katmon instead.


Cucumber Yogurt Soup

This refreshing soup combines creaminess from yogurt and coolness from mint to deliver a unique flavor. You don’t even need to heat up the stove for this recipe, making it a convenient dish during those days when you don’t feel like cooking (or moving much) at all.


Header photo by Henrique Félix on Unsplash

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