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The Christmas food trend forecast

The Christmas food trend forecast

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The year has been stressful—to say the very least.  With food becoming our lifeline for the past few months, we’re extremely excited to see what new trends will be popping up in anticipation of the holiday season. 

We’ve made a few predictions on what’ll be trending when the Christmas bells start ringing:


Christmas themed “bakes”

Sushi bake really hit it big during the early days of quarantine. The trend spawned the “bake-ification” of other dishes, like samgyupsal bake and nacho bakes. We’re expecting to see a few holiday themed bakes this year, like ham bakes, barbecue bakes and even lechon bakes. 


Seafood platters

While restrictions on both domestic and international travel may have eased, it’s still ill-advised to go on vacation during the holidays. People who are missing the beach might find some comfort in seafood platters they can get delivered to their homes. A few businesses on Instagram are offering ready-to-serve seafood platters, so we won’t be surprised if business will be booming during the holiday season.


Kakanin reinventions

Kakanin is an essential part of Christmas. Ben&Ben even wrote a song about bibingka and Simbang Gabi. Aside from being delicious, kakanin is also versatile enough for reinterpretation. 


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MOCHI DONUTS available for pre-order here at G and C Cafe. Its Gluten Free!!! Freshly made, we use all natural ingredients and no artificial flavoring!Perfect snack to pair with our MILKTEA! 💚 Matcha White Chocolate Dark Chocolate Cashew White Chocolate Honey Glazed Box of 6 for only Php240 Box of 12 for only Php450 Order now! You can DM o r text us at 09175001714. ✅We are Open daily 8am- 5pm . ✅Free delivery within 2km for a minimum purchase of php700. G and C Cafe Baguio City Located at Hotel Cosmopolitan #1 Bokawkan corner Naguillian Road Baguio City #gandccafebaguio #gandccafeatbaguiocity #baguiocity #baguiorestaurants #baguiodesserts #mochi #mochidonuts #matcha

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A cafe in Baguio got a head start by creating kakanin donuts in bibingka, ube, pinipig and leche flan flavors. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see moron ice cream, palitaw flavored churros and tres leches yema cakes this year.


Tablea flavored everything


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OUR BABYCAKES ARE READY FOR THE WORLD! 😍 Gooey Ganache Magic at the palm of your hand. The Made-For-Me variant still boasts the insanely luxurious and decadent flavors of the original Tableya Cake. But this time, we made it more personal. A serving size you can have all for yourself. We know the day’s work can trigger a lot of stress and you just need the perfect, sweet fix to soothe your tension. Imagine the teasing aroma of fine cacao after uncovering your tub, with the delicate tableya shavings lightly resting on insanely rich Tableya Goo. Every spoonful that digs through each layer from top to bottom of your tub is a joyride to chocolate heaven and back. Let’s admit it: sometimes a slice isn’t enough, and a whole, regular cake is just way overboard. So we made you a suitable-sized treat without the splurge, so you can indulge without guilt, and smile your stressors away with each serving. Welcome this big surprise crafted lovingly in a pack you can shamelessly declare: MADE-FOR-ME. Order Yours Now. LINK IN BIO! #theoandbromph #babytableyacakes #gooeyganachemagic

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Tablea is another indispensable part of Christmas, a fixture among Simbang Gabi goers to warm them up after attending Mass at the break of dawn. Though tablea is most often turned into a drink, notably thick tsokolate eh, there are many other ways to incorporate the cacao discs into other desserts and dishes. Theo & Brom has made tablea the main ingredient in their baby tablea cake, which our managing editor enjoyed as a midnight snack. 

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Tablea is also less sweet than typical milk chocolate, so it’s something older generations and people watching their sugar intake would enjoy.


Pastries that can pass as decor


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No one can deny the shopping excitement brought by the holidays!!! A @harrods inspired lighted cake to match the season 🙂

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The quarantine trend of hyper-realistic cakes was honestly terrifying, but we’d like to see those skills put into use to turn pastries into Christmas decorations. Snow globe cupcakes and cookies that double as Christmas tree ornaments were in vogue a few years back, so we’re looking forward to seeing more ingenious, hyper-realistic pastries this year (like maybe a parol made of sugar or a chocolate belen).



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