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‘Management Man of the Year’ 2020 awardee is a clean energy advocate who wears many hats

‘Management Man of the Year’ 2020 awardee is a clean energy advocate who wears many hats


Federico “Piki” Lopez, 59, comes from a family of notable men and women. His surname alone evokes many businesses to many Filipinos. He’s the chair and chief executive officer of First Philippine Holdings (FPH). FPH is a major figure in power generation in the country, which also has interests in upscale real estate, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and education. 

While many businesses are struggling to stay relevant and profitable by co-opting the recent wave of eco-consciousness, under Lopez’s leadership, a greener mindset has always been the norm. Moreover, with sustainability as the current standard for eco-friendly business strategies, FPH group has recognized that merely seeking to sustain the world in its current state is no longer enough. 

Federico Lopez has been awarded Management Man of the Year 2020 by the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) for his commitment to a low-carbon economy and clean energy

FPH updated its mission statement across its businesses this year to “We commit to forging collaborative pathways for a decarbonized and regenerative future.” This mission enables FPH to work towards a more livable future for Filipinos.

Piki sits at the board of many companies, a majority of them focused on envisioning a more sustainable and environmentally-sound future. He is the chair of the Oscar M. Lopez Center for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management Foundation and the Sikat Solar Challenge Foundation and a member of the board of trustees of Forest Foundation Philippines, World Wildlife Fund Philippines, and the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation. And the list goes on. 


Management Man of the Year

It should come as no surprise that he’s recently been awarded by the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) as Management Man of the Year 2020 for his commitment to a low-carbon economy and clean energy. The distinction that was previously bestowed upon his father FPH chairman emeritus Oscar Lopez in 2000 has only been awarded to 44 notable Filipino business figures since its inception in 1967.

Piki with his father Oscar in 2011 at Mt. Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia

According to MAP, Lopez was selected as Management Man of the Year 2020 for championing the power industry’s deregulation and clean technologies for renewable energy and natural gas, thus steering the Lopez Group to the forefront of energy security and sustainability. 

Other than this, MAP recognized his contributions to bring social change through his leadership that resulted in the creation of jobs, development of Filipino talent (both in the fields of science and humanities) and equal opportunity for livelihood and education for underserved communities.


5 things you didn’t know about Mr. Lopez

A man of such accolades can be intimidating. But if you shed Piki of these memberships and titles, he is, at the core, an environmentally conscious steward who lives day to day with respect to nature and the future. 

Apart from his leadership skills, the FPH CEO is also a man of many interests.


1. He sings
Federico serenading FPH employees during their 2019 Christmas party. Photo by Joseph Cheng (@josephacheng on Instagram)

Yes, Mr. Lopez sings, but not professionally. After all, he’s a man with a busy schedule. But FPH employees get a yearly treat as he serenades them during the company Christmas party.


2. He’s a voracious reader

Despite his schedule, the 59-year-old chief still manages to find time to do something he loves: reading. His favorite subjects? Of course, business and the environment.

3. He’s a biker

It’s easy to imagine him cooped up in a chauffeured car every day, but did you know that Mr. Lopez is a dirt biker? In fact, he goes on motorcycle trips with his son to distribute solar-powered lamps to underprivileged communities without access to electricity.

4. He’s a dog person
Piki with his pet corgi, Corky. Photo by Wig Tysmans

Of course, a fierce environment advocate is also an animal lover! Apart from being chair and CEO, he’s a human to three lovable corgis Corky, Magnum and Scarlet, whom he used to bring along to the office pre-pandemic.

5. He and his family love mountain climbing

Piki knows that to be an environmental advocate is to be one with nature, so during his spare time he makes it a habit to take outdoor trips with his family. In 2011, for example, he and his father climbed Mt. Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. 



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