Nov 16, 2020

For Instagram newcomers and established sellers alike—the mine game lives on. It’s less about ceramic wares now. The latest must-haves are more transparent, shiny objects: vintage glassware and Murano items.

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If you’re not familiar with the term, Murano glass refers to a craft specifically made in the island town of Murano near Venice, which traces its roots to the Middle Ages. The glassware is characterized by odd shapes, speckled and richly colored surface (although it sometimes gravitates towards muted hues), and fluid edges.


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Radical insularity was for centuries a way of life on Murano, the small island less than a mile north of Venice known for its blown glass with rich hues and vibrant swirls. This was to protect trade secrets, but, like sand, the main component of glass, such expertise is impossible to fully contain. Also, now that the number of glass operations on the island has dwindled, its remaining makers have become more open, allowing, in part, for an aesthetic rediscovery as a new generation of international designers turns to Murano for inspiration. For the members of this emerging group, Italian blown glass is innately modern, though they add their own perspective as well. Pictured here are recent works by Murano Glam, Andrew O. Hughes and Stories of Italy. Click the link in our bio for more. Written by Nancy Hass, photo by Hugo Yu (@_hugoyu).

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Once a burgeoning business that attracted many collectors, the craft is now confined to an island of a few thousand residents and older generations trying to keep the art alive, while sons and daughters choose different paths. But the wares from its rebirth during the 20th century remain coveted by collectors as well as museums. 

Earlier in September, T, the New York Times Style Magazine, published an article on the forgotten art of Murano glass and how a younger generation of designers are taking inspiration from it. It didn’t take long for local sellers—on Instagram nonetheless—to take notice and decide to focus on these specific wares instead of mining the oversaturated market of ceramics.

In this list, you will find crowd-favorites when it comes to vintage crystals and Murano glassware. Oftentimes, a seller offers a mix of both glass and ceramic items, but just the same, each is a one-of-a-kind piece from a bygone era.

In light of the recent typhoons that ravaged several parts of the country, some of these online stores are donating a portion of sales to relief operations.


Swoon Studio


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Check this form for select Murano pieces and vintage glassware.

Swoon Studio will be raffling off glassware and ceramics from previous collections to benefit @forthefutureph’s relief operations.


Shop the Catalogue


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Check out #roomscrolling for available items.

10 percent of sales will be donated to #reliefph


first dibs


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To see available items, go to the IG Story highlights or check out this form.


The Free Form


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To see available items, check #thefreeformavailable. Items on sale are under #thefreeformsale.


For Keeps Home


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Order via direct message. Prices are negotiable.


Hay Bahay


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To see available items, check #haybahay🍥.


Victorious Secret


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To see available items, check #VSHQavailable.


Viva Bodega Manila


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To see available items, check #VBMAvailable


Re Life Vintage


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To see available items, check #shoprelifeavail. For pieces on sale, #shoprelifesale.


Header images courtesy of The Free Form and First Dibs

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