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McDonald’s classic sundaes now come in pints

McDonald’s classic sundaes now come in pints

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If you’re a McDonald’s sundae lover, the fast-food giant has a special treat for you. After releasing at-home options for some of their classic menu items, they’re leveling things up with their newest offering. McDonald’s has recently released a pint version of their classic sundaes, and it’s already available on their website. 

Their sundae blends, the pint version of the classic fast-food dessert, come in two flavors: classic hot fudge and classic hot caramel. Both variants are priced at P139 per pint. If you’re getting some chicken nuggets delivered, you can just add these to your cart. But if you’re thinking of going to your nearest McDonald’s, make sure to call ahead because this treat is only available in select stores. 

If you look at the fine print on the poster, it says that each pint is good for about three to four people—with an asterisk next to it that also says “serving suggestion only.” 

Duly noted, but we’re not going to let that suggestion stop us from finishing a whole pint in one go. 

On the downside, you’re going to have to wait a little longer to order a pint. McDonald’s has announced that they’ve run out of their sundae blends.

But don’t worry too much, they’ll (hopefully) be back before we know it.



Header photo courtesy of McDonald’s delivery website

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