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Dear creatives, Manila’s “last lung” needs your help

Dear creatives, Manila’s “last lung” needs your help

nolisoli arroceros forest park

Grassroots movements have been cropping up as of late. From civilian-led organizations helping with typhoon relief, to members of local communities banding together to help each other out during the pandemic, there’s no shortage of people showing up to lend a hand during difficult times. 

Artist for Arroceros is one such community-led initiative that’s here to do some good—this time, for a national gem some of us didn’t even know existed. 

Artists for Arroceros is looking for people who can help them document Arroceros Forest Park’s rich and extensive history and biodiversity in a book called “The Arroceros Guidebook.” This community-led campaign’s main goal is to spread awareness and educate people about the existence of the sprawling forest park amid the city of Manila’s urban blight.  

Right now, the group is looking for creatives, content writers, researchers and experts to volunteer their time and expertise to come up with the guidebook. So if you’re a writer, historian, bird watcher, zoologist, graphic artist or just have the desire to help, Artists for Arroceros could certainly use some of your time and talent.

If you’re interested in helping out, you can sign up through this link

Arroceros Forest Park, dubbed as “Manila’s Last Lung,” was declared a permanent forest park by Manila mayor Isko Moreno this year. Prior to that, the park was supposed to make way for a gymnasium on orders of outgoing mayor and pardoned plunderer former President Joseph Estrada. 



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