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These turon muffins are the hidden gems of comfort snacking

These turon muffins are the hidden gems of comfort snacking

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Filipinos have some of the best local snacks in the world. I mean, how could anyone refute this when we’ve got the sweet and gelatinous taho, cheesy ensaymada and a rich selection of street food? Don’t forget the plethora of heavenly local flavors like ube and pandan that our merienda treats have, either.

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That’s why it’s not very surprising to see businesses come up with food inspired by  local snacks. Take The Lost Bread, Auro and Hapag’s banana cue ice cream collaboration as an example. And just recently, we found another fusion food that incorporates one more local merienda made of banana: the crowd-favorite turon.

Local bakery The Cook Up Studio Manila presents a muffin that will remind you of turon, a popular snack that has banana wrapped in lumpia wrapper. And we can’t believe that we’ve been sleeping on it all along.

The bakery’s dense turon muffin contains chunks of saba fried in brown sugar along with bits of jackfruit. To complete the turon experience, it is also topped with flakes of the snack’s signature crunchy caramelized lumpia wrapper.

In addition to turon, The Cook Up Studio Manila has three more muffin flavors that are very local in nature. Containing a swirl of fudge, its Chocnut muffins bring delight to anyone with a sweet tooth. The bakery also has calamansi muffins that contain an interesting citrusy taste. Of course, the well-loved ube flavor also makes its appearance as one of The Cook Up Studio’s four muffin variants. 

Together, these flavors make up the bakery’s Pinoy Klasik Muffins collection which is available in boxes of four and six for P275 and P380, respectively. To place your orders, message The Cook Up Studio Manila on Instagram.


Header photo from The Cook Up Studio Manila

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