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Nolisoli Gift Guide: Food that made lockdown a bit more bearable

Nolisoli Gift Guide: Food that made lockdown a bit more bearable

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Spending over 250 days indoors has not been ideal, but all the new food sold online and food trends made the earlier days of quarantine a bit more bearable. Though it’s not the same as sitting down over a delicious spread with our friends or grabbing a cup of coffee and a pastry without a care in the world, new dishes and food concepts were the true saviors of 2020. 

In honor of the pastries, mains and drinks that have kept us company during this frankly awful period in history, we present to you—The Nolisoli gift guide: Quarantine food finds edition. 

This list has been curated by the Nolisoli team over the course of the 268 days we’ve spent in near isolation. We’ve listed down our favorite quarantine finds, from popular food trends to hidden gems we just can’t get enough of. 

So from our tables to yours, here’s a list of our favorite food finds from the ride that has been 2020:


Theo & Brom’s tableya babycakes

Theo & Brom’s tableya cake

It’s rich, delicious and not too sweet—which is the ultimate tita compliment.

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Unreal Pie’s blueberry cornmeal pie


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Pies are always a good idea, especially if it’s Unreal Pie’s blueberry cornmeal pie. It’s generously filled with real blueberries and an absolute treat to have either hot or cold.

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Chef Chele’s Kitchen’s burnt Basque cheesecake

Chef Chele actually trained in Spain’s Basque region, and it shows through how this cake was baked. The cake is creamy, decadent and deliciously cheesy.

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Kimmy Bakes Bakeshop’s ube cheese pandesal

Kimmy’s Bakes is actually one of the original trendsetters of quarantine’s ube pandesal phase. They don’t scrimp on the cheese filling and you can actually taste the ube in their bread.

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Poison’s holiday donuts 

Poison’s donuts are always delicious, but their holiday flavors (like the eggnog) taste almost like Christmas morning.

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Nothing But Jill’s guava strudels

It tastes almost identical to Porto’s guava strudels in L.A., but it has its own special brand of magic. It’s great for breakfast or a light merienda.

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Bake Fresh’s po lo baos


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A post shared by Bake Fresh HK (@bake.freshph)

Hands down one of the best char siu baos in the Philippines. It can compete with what you can get in Hong Kong. Best of all? It’s all homemade.

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Milkrun’s eggnog tres leches cake


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A post shared by Milkrun Desserts (@milkrun_ph)

This cake is what happens when tres leches cakes meet the holiday season. It’s rich, decadent but not too heavy and has just the right level of sweetness.


Handcrafted Blessing’s baklava


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If you’re a fan of flaky pastries and nuts, this baklava will hit all your sweet spots. It’s crispy, light and generously filled with real pistacios.

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Panaderia Toyo’s garlic putok


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A post shared by Panaderya Toyo (@panaderyatoyo)

If you’re a garlic lover, this should be on your list of things to serve at Christmas. The garlic flavor is present, but not overwhelming. It’s a little sweet, a little salty and delicious either hot or cold (which happens when there’s not enough patience for the toaster to work its magic).


Lazy Oeuf by Metronome’s truffle and brie burger


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Of all the ingenious and decadent burgers to come out of quarantine, this burger reigned supreme. The truffle flavor plays remarkably well with the mildness of the brie for an unparalleled flavor explosion. Don’t forget to try it with the foie gras, you’ll thank us later.

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Spicebird Grill’s piri-piri chicken

We’ve always loved Spicebird’s piri-piri chicken, but we wondered if it tasted just as good in the middle of quarantine versus beachside in Boracay. The answer: Yes. Yes it definitely does.

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Sambar’s mushroom XO sauce

mushroom xo sauce

This sauce and a bowl of rice is a meal in itself. If you’re a fan of X.O. sauce, this is that—but made even richer with the umami from the mushrooms.

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Hello Stranger’s sourdough bread

We’ve tried lots of different sourdough over the course of quarantine, but Hello Stranger’s sourdough is exactly what sourdough should be. It’s crusty, chewy and just the right amount of funky.


Pig Senyor’s authentic Cebu lechon


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You don’t need to fly all the way to Cebu for lechon you can enjoy sauce-less. Pig Senyor’s lechon is made by lechoneros straight from the Queen City of the South, so they know what they’re doing. It’s also Cebuana approved, so you know it’s the real deal.

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Sushi Bake MNL’s sushi bake


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A post shared by Sushi Bake MNL (@sushibakemnl)

As far as sushi bakes go, Sushi Bake MNL set our standards. Their truffle teriyaki sushi bake is indulgently excellent—and best paired with a sake cocktail to wash it all down.


Taco Mata’s Fulton fish tacos

These tacos are the epitome of comfort food. The fish is coated in a crispy batter, deep-fried until golden brown and moist on the inside and topped off with their Caribbean inspired orange sauce. It’s the perfect non-traditional taco.

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Mapishi Manila’s Swahili beef biryani


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A post shared by @mapishimanila

We’ve never had authentic African food before trying Mapishi’s beef biryani, and it was a great introduction to the cuisine. The beef is spicy, fork-tender and seasoned with traditional spices. If you haven’t had this yet, you’re missing out.

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Los Tacos Birriasbirria tacos and guacamole


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A post shared by Los Tacos Birria (@lostacosbirriaph)

This is hands down one of the best tacos in Manila. Los Tacos’ servings are generous and each taco is rich and filled to the brim with flavor. They also have the best guacamole on this side of the planet in our book.



Header image courtesy of Chef Chele’s Kitchen Facebook

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