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Looks like even Starbucks now has plant-based lasagna and pastries

Looks like even Starbucks now has plant-based lasagna and pastries

  • Starbucks now has lasagna, mochi buns and mince rolls made with plant-based meat and cheese

So when we said plant-based versions of beloved food (fast food, comfort food, anything really) will go big this year, it seems Starbucks took notes. Just this week, the coffee chain giant released three new plant-based items on its menu: lasagna (P195), barbecue mochi bun (P95) and mince roll (P85).

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The classic lasagna is made with plant-based Bolognese layered with plant-based cheese and noodles. Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Available for dine-in, takeout, drive-thru and delivery via GrabFood, these limited-edition entrees use plant-based Bolognese and cheese (for the lasagna) and plant-based ground patty (for the mince roll).

The BBQ mochi bun is a soft, airy and chewy baked mochi stuffed with sweet plant-based Asian barbecue filling.​ Photo courtesy of Starbucks

According to Starbucks’ website, this the company’s bid to “reimagine their menu to make a positive impact on their customers and the enviroment.”

The mince roll has a buttery, flaky crust stuffed with plant-based ground patty, Italian spices and creamy plant-based cheese sauce. Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Last year, the company introduced two seasonal plant-based handcrafted beverages: oatmilk cocoa macchiato and almond milk hazelnut latte alongside plant-based food choices at select Asia Pacific markets. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.