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From statement pieces to vintage finds: How to decorate your space for 2021

From statement pieces to vintage finds: How to decorate your space for 2021

  • Need inspiration for your 2021 home makeover plans? We’ve put together a few design trends to get you started

After spending the year looking at the same four walls, maybe it’s time to give your interiors a tweak—or even a total makeover. Like us, you’ve probably spent a good portion of the past year “mining” home decor and furniture. Now it’s time for you to find ways to properly incorporate your new pieces into your home decor upgrade.

One element you might take inspiration from is Pantone’s Colors of the Year. If you’re looking for the next step to take in designing your home, we’ve put together some interior design trends to get you started.

Louder, brighter pieces

Want to add more color to your space? Skip the accent walls and accessorize your space with small, playful pieces that double as conversation starters. Now’s the time to “mine” that cute vase you’ve had your eye on since last year.

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Don’t leave those pops of color in your living room either—try experimenting with the colors you use on your dining room table. Maybe this is the year you bring in new tableware that will light up the room.

Vintage is the future

Nostalgia is one of the main themes in 2021 interior design trends, with more people looking back as a way to take a break from virtual interactions and current events. Secondhand antiques, vintage- and retro-inspired furniture are now taking the spotlight.

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With that in mind, now’s the year to start keeping an eye out for repurposed pieces and give them a place in your home. Aside from giving your home a more vibrant feel, buying secondhand is good for the environment.

Furniture that does it all

The past year made our living spaces more flexible and multi-purpose. Our living room and bedroom served not just as places to relax or unwind, but also as work or study spaces when needed. 

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This year, it’s time for you to incorporate furniture that can multitask, too. Add a bit of comfort to your home by investing in ottomans that double as storage space for your books and other hobbies. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.