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These bouquets prove that practicality trumps extravagant gestures this Valentine’s Day 2021

These bouquets prove that practicality trumps extravagant gestures this Valentine’s Day 2021

  • It pays to be practical this love holiday especially since we’re currently in a recession. Instead of flowers, opt for a spray of nutrient-rich vegetables

ICYMI: The National Economic and Development Authority estimates that during quarantine, Filipinos lost a total of P1.4 trillion or P2.8 billion a day, equivalent to an average annual income loss of P23,000 per worker. So, this Valentine’s Day, you might want to rethink that extravagant gift or even that dinner out (not that we can officially date just yet). Instead, go for something practical that your significant other can use in everyday life.

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Nothing screams “practical but still romantic” than a well-curated bouquet of vitamin-and-mineral-rich vegetables.

A flower shop in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte makes this floral—err edible—arrangements from vegetables straight out of the Bahay Kubo ditty. It’s complete with talong, sitaw, ampalaya, kamatis and squash blossoms—actually, you can prepare pakbet or its Ilocano equivalent dinengdeng with this bunch. All you need is bagoong.

Other than this Bahay Kubo bouquet, Valdez Flower Shop also has other unusual but nonetheless functional designs. They have, for example, a quarantine starter pack (P1,500) complete with all the necessities you will need to ward off COVID-19 and other seasonal ailments like colds: face masks, alcohol, inhaler, balms and ointments.

The flower shop also does customization for creative gifters out there who want to give their loved ones unique arrangements that could include cash, cakes, stuffed toys, pool slides and chocolates—flowers optional.

The catch is they only deliver within Ilocos Norte. So, get these ideas and run with them. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.