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Meet the Nutella desserts you need to have in your life

Meet the Nutella desserts you need to have in your life

  • Treat yourself to a Nutella buchi or a tiramisu alla Nutella to cap off the week

What began as an austerity recipe meant to maximize the short supply of cocoa and the abundance of hazelnut in 1940s Italy has, over the years, evolved into Nutella: the beloved chocolate hazelnut spread that stars in almost everyone’s favorite sandwiches and desserts.

In case you’ve got any doubt about just how well-loved Nutella is, consider the celebration of World Nutella Day—when, every Feb. 5, Nutella enthusiasts take to social media to express their appreciation or share different ways of making the most out of the spread.

Over the years we’ve seen Nutella in a variety of desserts—even our bibingka and puto bumbong—but where else can you enjoy this nutty treat? Let us count the ways.


If you find yourself craving buchi, Buchi Queen’s take on these chewy sesame balls is filled with pure Nutella spread. To balance the sweetness, the dough isn’t overly sweet or greasy.


Pandesal and tiramisu make for a good combination on their own, but what if we told you there’s a pastry shop that lets you enjoy it with pandan in the mix? Pandan Pastrie Bites makes pandesal with pandan flavor and desiccated coconut—generously stuffed with Nutella.


These Eastern European braided cakes are normally filled with cinnamon or fruit, but at Knoms Kitchen, babkas are made to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Their bread is filled with Nutella combined with semisweet chocolate chips.


What happens when you combine tiramisu with Nutella? The answer lies in the Tiramisu alla Nutella: an ultra-creamy dessert that combines coffee-dipped ladyfingers with layers of hazelnut spread and Mascarpone cheese.


What makes Stoned Chocolates bakery’s croissants stand out isn’t just their bigger-than-average size; it’s the roasted Nutella filling stuffed inside bread with swirls of chocolate ganache. No need to worry about this croissant being too sweet for your liking: the chocolate filling hits the sweet spot between nutty and chocolatey. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.