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Expired makeup gets ‘second life’ at funeral parlors

Expired makeup gets ‘second life’ at funeral parlors

  • Consider taking your foundation, pressed powder and lipstick that are past their expiry date to morticians next time

We love how creative and resourceful people are at zero-waste and sustainability Facebook groups. Our latest discovery care of some internet detectives? You can donate your expired makeup products to funeral parlors.

Twitter user @piadurms first raised the idea upon discovering this zero-waste tip herself.

That makes sense. Instead of throwing your expired foundation, blush on, pressed powder and lipstick away, they can get a “second life” and help out a mortician in need.

A former Manila North Cemetery employee attested to this, saying the cemetery accepts foundation as long as it is not yet discolored. Pro tip: They prefer cream foundation or concealer as well as setting powder.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

For lipsticks, shades like nudes, browns and orange undertones work. Not so much highlighters and bronzers or even eye shadow palettes.

Some netizens also noted that in some cases, while expired makeup is still usable, some morticians prefer high-quality products as these stick to a corpse’s skin better. 

This fact is seconded by an embalmer in the US, who said cosmetics for the deceased really aren’t like the ones we buy in stores, which react to the warmth of a living body, hence the use of specialized makeup.

But it is worth a try to still contact the nearest funeral parlor and see if they accept your expired makeup. That’s better than having these cosmetics end up in a landfill. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.