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New favorite stress-reliever: Ateneo Wild’s nature coloring book series

New favorite stress-reliever: Ateneo Wild’s nature coloring book series

  • Can you paint with all the colors of the… wild?
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We’ve long proven how sights of nature can help ease feelings of stress. Color psychology, for example, says green can reduce eyestrain and help foster a feeling of peace. That’s why biophilic design is in, and that’s why many of us have turned into plant parents. 

With the pandemic keeping us indoors for more than a year now, exploring the great outdoors isn’t as easily achieved as many of us would like. Luckily, there are communities like The Ateneo Wild (which was actually established in 2018) that bring us new sights of nature and wildlife via photos on our social media feeds.

The Ateneo Wild has long been promoting the importance of urban biodiversity, and has helped many get to know the various species of flora and fauna found within the Ateneo de Manila University’s campus grounds.

Last October 2020, The Ateneo Wild released decks of downloadable urban biodiversity flashcards geared towards educating kids and adults alike about the importance of protecting and conserving urban green spaces.

This year, they’ve come up with a series of coloring books that aim to help us familiarize ourselves with and appreciate the various species found around us. The coloring books are illustrated by visual artist Iya Regalario and include photographs by Adrian and Trinket Constantino.

The books also include tips on where and how to find the various trees, birds, moths and butterflies, and wildflowers around the Ateneo campus.

The Ateneo Wild coloring books are available for P395 on the Ateneo University Press’ Lazada and Shopee pages, as well as through the Loyola Schools Bookstore ([email protected]). © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.