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LIST: Where to get custom-made furniture on Instagram

LIST: Where to get custom-made furniture on Instagram

  • Your next dream piece is just a DM away
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A good piece of furniture when made well is like jewelry—that’s also well-made. It can be passed down to generations with little to no damages depending on how well you maintain it, of course.

The beauty of choosing custom-made tables, chairs and other furniture over ready-mades—apart from the one-off factor, valued by collectors and connoisseurs today—is every piece fits perfectly in your space, both physically and figuratively.

They are also timeless—they resist trends, depending, of course, on how you want them to look—and yet truly functional. But with the quarantine in effect, sourcing, canvassing and scoping out available workshops out there can be difficult. Usually, those artisans are based outside of the metro requiring out-of-town trips.

This is where Instagram-based furniture makers come into the picture. They make the age-old craft of woodworking, metal mending and upholstery among others available to the internet-savvy. DM and ye shall receive… a quote.

Manila Maker

This furniture development, manufacturing workshop and design studio has built a reputation over the years for its minimalist and functional pieces made of birch and Baltic pine among other premium wood. They also mix wood with materials like steel for storage units, racks, archival drawers and bed frames.


Ukraine pine, birch and beech are just some of the materials this furniture studio uses and reuses(!) to lessen waste from production. Other than mid-century modern furniture, Elou also makes kitchen tools, vases and storage boxes.


For your customization needs, Albero is open for design consultations. Their designs mix functionality with sensual curves and shapes. If you are on a budget, you can also browse their retail selections, which include their colorful Hourglass stools that are available on their website.

393 Projects

This design studio consciously treads the path toward sustainability while also ensuring that their clients get the best wood available. Go to them for modular shelving solutions or furniture sets for your home or business. 

Pako Ph

Even the most humble and accessible materials like plywood can be made into sturdy and expensive-looking furniture. Pako works with homeowners, business owners and even galleries to create one-of-a-kind pieces suited for their needs with materials that best serve their intended purpose.

Dekko Ph

Storage solutions are just the tip of this furniture design brand’s repertoire. They also do office and home pieces that meld functionality and timeless design through a natural finish that highlights the features of the wood used.

The Old Wood Ph

If you are a fan of industrialist furniture made with steel and wood bearing its original features, then you will love The Old Wood’s designs. Whether for your kitchen, home office or living room, you can have a customized shelf, table, stool or console made to your liking. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.