Feb 24, 2017

Peanut butter is always a good idea. Its creamy texture and flavor of lightly sweetened roasted peanuts go well on toast, and is just as irresistible as when heaped on a spoon. For a healthier indulgence, Fair Grounds’ Organic Beenut Butter is a healthy alternative from the norm that doesn’t scrimp on flavors. Available in three variants—original, dark chocolate truffle, and Belgian white chocolate—Beenut has only two major ingredients: roasted peanuts and pure wild honey. Beetroot, an excellent source of folate and manganese, is an additional component, but otherwise, no sugar and salt are added to this all-natural, low-calorie spread.


Available at Echostore, GF NDC Bldg., Tordesillas, Makati City. 869-1516.

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