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Vintage cakes are my new quarantine pick-me-up

Vintage cakes are my new quarantine pick-me-up

  • Not only are they reminders of better days, they’re mesmerizing enough to take our mind off of today’s troubles
vintage cakes

Quarantine has made bakers out of many of us, and while so many baking trends have come and gone, there’s one that’s regaining popularity. I say regaining only because the flavors are really classic, and the designs are vintage. Yes, that’s the trend. Vintage cakes.

Think the ornately designed frosting of birthday cakes of our yesteryears.

But we don’t really need a special occasion to get pretty cakes. Sometimes we just need the sweet pick-me-up to get through a rough week. If you’re in search of some pretty cakes to feast on or even just to ogle over, here are some Instagram bakers to check out.

A bonus: mesmerizing cake decorating videos. Because sometimes, just watching a cake get put together is therapy enough.

Dear Bonbon

Pasteleria Manila

Aegyo Cakes

Mae Cakes

Baked by Trimy

Earth Cakes PH

M&L Bakery


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