Give yourself a WFH lunch to look forward to with these Japanese sandos

  • Say goodbye to sticky keyboard fingers and hello to a delicious lunch with these Japanese sandwich places that deliver

Sitting down for a meal with no distractions is sadly a luxury most of us can’t afford. For most of us work-from-home folks, we’ve gotten used to sitting in front of our computers and working while we’re eating (which is awful, to be honest). With our eyes glued to the screen, we’ve trained ourselves to compose emails and such while we’re guiding our food-loaded cutlery to our mouths. 

While eating in front of the computer because of work is terrible, it’s plain inevitable at times. So if you can’t escape the lunch rush for an actual meal, the least you can do is console yourself by ordering in something delicious and work-while-eating-friendly. Like a classic Japanese sando. 

For those of you inclined to order one for lunch this week, here are just a few places that deliver. 

Tamago Sando Ph

The classic tamago sando is made with soft white bread, creamy eggs, and Japanese mayo. Tamago Sando Ph only has two things on their menu, and it’s the classic (P190) and tamagoyaki (P190) versions of the versatile sandwich. The classic is made with whole soft-boiled eggs with custardy yolks and the tamagoyaki is the equally delicious scrambled egg version. If you’re not sure which one to get, why not both? 

Arigato Sando!

If you’re looking for a little more variety in your sandos, Arigato Sando! is where it’s at. Aside from the classic tamago sando (P200), they also have a shrimp or ebi sando (P350), a chicken or tori katsu sando (P300), and a pork katsu sando (P300). This home-based restaurant is open every day, and they’re just one DM away if you need a little sando fix. 

Wagyu Studio

Wagyu is the Aston Martin of the meat world, and what better way to treat yourself while working at home than with a wagyu sando? As the name suggests, Wagyu Studio specializes in the highly sought after Japanese meat, and it has sandwiched some of the finest cuts between two pieces of bread and called it a day. The restaurant has three types of wagyu sando on their menu, which are the menchi katsu sando (P1,680), steak sando (P3,360), and the chateaubriand sando (P8,960). This sando may just be as premium as it gets. 

Or you know, make one at home?

If you’re feeling up to task, a sando isn’t difficult to make. The ingredients are simple; they’re pantry staples you probably already have at home. This video by Just One Cookbook breaks down the anatomy of a classic sando and how to make it. But again, if you’re like some of us on the team, you can always just order in and get back to work. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.