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Love K-drama? You’ll want to order one of these egg drop sandwiches

Love K-drama? You’ll want to order one of these egg drop sandwiches

  • Eat like your favorite K-drama star when you bite into one of these gorgeous (and delicious!) egg drop sandwiches

Sandwiches aren’t known to be the most aesthetically pleasing dishes, but egg drop sandwiches definitely are. Aside from their looks, these sandwiches are also known to be quite tasty. Light and fluffy scrambled eggs, along with some slices of cheese and ham, are sandwiched between two equally fluffy pieces of buttered, toasted brioche. 

Up until recently, you could only see these sandwiches in your favorite K-dramas. There are tons of egg drop restaurants and booths that sell this dish in South Korea—where it’s exceedingly popular. 

Luckily, a few enterprising local businesses have taken it upon themselves to recreate the sandwich for our eating pleasure. Here are a few places you can get an egg drop sandwich for the ’gram—and your stomach. 

Sunny Side Manila

For the quintessential egg drop sandwich, look no further than Sunny Side Manila. The online sandwich dealer offers five different egg drop sandwich flavors. It offers ham (P149), bacon (P159), garlic bacon (P179), spam (P179), and beef bulgogi (P189). All of its sandwiches come with egg (of course) and are served in open-faced cardboard wrapping which makes it easier to bite into. 

Sunny Side is based in New Manila and you can order through its Instagram

Egg Drop MNL 

Egg Drop MNL’s sandwiches look like they’ve been taken directly from the screen and placed in your hands. The menu is made up of six flavors: premium ham and cheese (P90), garlic bacon cheese (P95), double bacon cheese (P105), spam and egg (P105), beef bulgogi (P130), and beef teriyaki (P130).

If you want to make the most out of your sandwich (as in stuffing it to beyond the brim), it also serves extra toppings like sunny side up egg, boiled, egg, cheese, signature mayo, and spicy dressing on the side. 

Egg Drop MNL is based in Quezon City and you can order through its Facebook

Smash Buns

If you want a side of burgers with your egg drop sandwich, Smash Buns is who you should be talking to. Both egg drop sandwiches and burgers are on its menu. For the egg drop sandwiches, you can choose from ham and cheese (P110), double spam cheese (P120), bacon and cheese (P120), avocado ham and cheese (P120), cheeseburger (P120), and beef bulgogi with a sunny side up egg (P125). 

You can also wash down your burger or sandwich (or both if you’re in the mood) with some of its coffee options. 

Smash Buns is based in Quezon City and you can pre-order through its order form. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.


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