Sagana Epicerie and Bistro

Mushroom Ragout
Assorted greens bouquet with creamed stewed mushrooms and smoked bacon – P460

Goat cheese salad
Arugula, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, and mini cucumbers salad with basil and fresh marinated goat cheese – P460

Clam Marinère
Clams cooked in white wine cream sauce with fries – P420

Eggplant Gratin
Gratinated eggplant with herby tomato concassēe and carabao mozzarella – P390

Crab fritters
Fresh crab claw and squash flower beignets with aïoli sauce – P460

Frog’s leg casserole
Frog’s leg with red wine tarragon butter and glazed shallots – P480

Cream of watercress soup with garlic croutons – P280

Baked pumpkin soup
With cheese, garlic, and herbs – P310

Soup du Jour
Vegetable soup of the day – P240

Cheese platter
Assorted French and local cheese platter – P1,400

Grilled prawns
Fresh water prawns with brown rice vegetable risotto – P840

Grilled apahap
With creamed vegetable ratatouille and fried shallots – P760

Scallop Gratin
Gratinated Philippine scallops with white wine, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, and wing beans – P1,200

Rabbit stew
Farmed rabbit simmered with white wine, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, and wing beans – P1,200

Chicken Basquaise
Braised native chicken with shoestring potatoes – P480

Stuffed cabbage
Braised green cabbage filled with vegetables, herb, and red rice stuffing served with tomato olive oil coulis – P380

Roasted pork tenderloin
With black peppercorn sauce and buttered mashed potato and leeks – P590

Baked Jambonneau
Homemade cured pork hock with stewed lentils – P580

Flank Steak
Grilled US Black Angus flank steak with fries, salad, and your choice of sauce – P760

Grilled US Black Angus tomahawk (900 grams) with fries, salad, and your choice of sauce – P3,500

Old Time Favorites
Duck foie gras terrine
Homemade with salad and toasts – P860

Goose foie gras terrine
Homemade with red grape compote and brioche – P980

The traditional Bourguignonne way with garlic bread – P560

Made with Tomme de Savoie cheese and sauce – P380

Onion soup
Made the French Way, gratinated with Emmental cheese – P320

Prawn Bisque
Served with Parmesan crisps – P360

Buttered seared US Wagyu Beef Onglet (220 grams) with fries, salad, and roasted shallots – P890

Grilled US Black Angus rib eye steak (400 grams) with fries, salad, and echirē butter bēarnaise – P1,700

La Côte d’Agneau
Grilled US lamb chops (4 pcs.) with ratatouille and garlic cream – P1,650

Braised spring chicken Coq-au-Vin style – P620

Beef tartar
Raw US Angus flank with fries – P760

Algerian couscous
Vegetable, chicken and beef broth served with grilled US lamb chops, Merguez sausages, and wheat semolina – P1,060

*Sagana has a Sunday brunch menu and weekly market menu as well