Bang Bang bar


Saigon – P 265
Blue pea infused vodka mixed with Laphroigh 10 y.o., thyme syrup, peach, lavender, lime, and egg

Dear Cheenie – P 265
Jose Cuervo silver with tequila sous vide Shanza Bing, Creme de Cais, ginger, basil, lemon, Asian spice syrup, Grapefruit bitters

Summer Hangover – P 265
Cucumber infused gin with coconut rum, cherry brandy, orange liquer, lime, pine juice, and bitters

Milf tea – P 245
Oolong infused Reposado tequila mixed with Rum sous vide pandan, black tea, milk, and tapioca

Pride and Tonic – P 265
Cucumber infused gin with Peach Schnapps, passion fruit liquer, tonic water

Bang Bang Sour – P 325
Jose Cuervo silver with Tres Misterios Mezcal, matcha, lychee, oregano syrup, lemon, and egg

Straw Viet Tini – P 265
Vietnamese coffee-infused vodka with fresh strawberry, milk, and chocolate bitters

Baby Thai berry – P 265
Rum sous vide pandan with Myers dark rum, blueberry, Guyabano Cordial, basil and, grapefruit bitters

Mr. Love – P 265
Rum sous vide pandan mixed with coconut rum, mango pureé, strawberry, passion fruit, lime, Asian spice syrup, and bitters

Chinese mafia – P 345
Tequila sous vide Shanza Bing with Myers dark rum, Laphroigh 10 yo, passion fruit, lime, rocky syrup and pine juice 

Free as a jungle bird – P 345
Jasmine tea infused with rum, Rinomato, lime, lychee, green apple, kiwi, oregano and pine juice

Voyage – P 285
Lotus tea-infused gin and Mancino Blanco Ambrato mixed with Elderflower Cordial and tonic water

Red Light District – P 265
Rum sous vide pandan with Soju, watermelon, mint, sweet and sour



Banh Mi – P 250
Vietnamese sandwich filled with liver pate, house-made pork sausage, and pork ham topped with pickled vegetables, cucumber and cilantro

Vietnamese pizza – P 180
Grilled rice paper topped with ground pork spring onion oil, cilantro and sriracha

Viet sausage platter – P 220
Assorted house-made sausages served with pickled vegetable and greens

Grilled Scallop – P 340
Freshly grilled scallops topped with peanuts, spring onions, sriracha, and cilantro

Chao Tom – P 330
Grilled shrimp sausage on a sugar cane stick sided with sweet and spicy fish sauce

Shrimp Crackers – P 120
Deep fried shrimp crackers served with our house-made nuoc cham

Fresh Oysters – P 250
Freshly shrucked local oysters topped with soy sauce and spring onions

Fried Spring Roll – P 200
Deep fried ground pork rolls with shrimp sided with spicy nuoc cham

Fried Oyster Mushroom – P 250
Deep fried oyster mushroom served with house-made peanut sauce and nuoc cham