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The restoration of the Shrine of Our Lady of Caysasay is the National Museum’s post-COVID project

One of Taal’s oldest surviving structures will be rehabilitated and restored this year

Pao Ong Hu Taoist Temple
Santa Ana’s Pao Ong Hu Taoist temple is in danger of losing its Important Cultural Property status

Being an Important Cultural Property protects assets from damage, modification and demolition under the National Cultural Heritage Law

met restored
Mark your calendars: Metropolitan Theater reopens in April

The Victory at Mactan’s 500th anniversary celebration will have the honor of being the first event staged at the newly-restored theater

virtual tour presidential museum and library
How did the arts and culture sector do in 2020? They reinvented themselves using technology

One of the sectors most affected by the pandemic has actually flourished by shifting to digital

Nolisoli Culture Gift Guide: Rare art book, vintage posters and T-shirt reminiscent of Escolta

Whether your friends and loved ones are into art, culture, cinema, dance or heritage conservation, there’s something for them in this list

These heritage site masks from Grupo Kalinangan are on our wish list

We’ve talked about all of the historical landmarks we miss visiting, but what can we…

guadalupe church
We miss visiting these heritage sites in Metro Manila

Heritage sites give us a glimpse of our country’s history. From their architecture, interiors and…

inquirer intramuros heritage site
COVID-19’s new casualty: Heritage sites restoration funds for 2021

News about the demolition of heritage sites like Escolta’s Capitol Theater and Binondo’s Hospicio de…

For Bonifacio Day, take a tour of these heritage sites

Look back at important events in Philippine history with visits to Bahay Nakpil-Bautista and Museo ng Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio

The legacy of architect Ramon Zaragoza in the heritage sites he helped bring back to life

Heritage conservation and restoration icon Ramon Ma. Zaragoza passed away on Jul. 4 at 73.…