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A woman getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, courtesy of Grig Montegrande for
This website tells us how long it’ll take until we achieve herd immunity

With vaccination programs (slowly) rolling out, lack of supply is one of the biggest hurdles we’re facing against herd immunity

The politicization and radicalization of caring header nolisoliph
OPINION: The politicization and radicalization of caring

If you care about something, that’s great. If you care about something to the point that you’re willing to fight for it, it gets dangerous

Mandatory mask for drivers and passengers car same household header nolisoliph
Drivers and passengers of private vehicles are required to wear a mask—even if you live in the same house

Sen. Grace Poe has called this move “ludicrous and unrealistic,” and has asked the IATF to reconsider

Why does Koko Pimentel’s quarantine violation case get junked while others get shot for less?

According to the DOJ, the case filed against the senator was “fatally defective” because it was based on “hearsay and news reports”

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Roque says Sinovac vaccines were priced at a “BFF” rate, but quotes no actual figure

Reports that the China-made vaccine is the most expensive option are just another scheme by the opposition, claims the presidential spox

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The UK COVID-19 variant is here. Here’s everything we know so far

The patient arrived from Dubai on Jan. 7 and the government is currently trying to notify other passengers of Emirates flight no. EK 332 as part of its contact tracing efforts

AstraZeneca is the top pick among LGUs. Here’s what they might have considered

When it comes to choosing vaccines, LGUs have to consider these factors

2020 in review: Social issues we may have forgotten, but shouldn’t

Yes, all these things happened in the last year. Yes, we need a drink

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OPINION: The PNP says there won’t be reforms. It’s true—it needs a complete overhaul

Our moment of reckoning is over. It’s time for action

PH government aims to start mass testing for PUIs and PUMs on Apr. 14
PH government aims to start mass testing for PUIs and PUMs on Apr. 14

The government is now aiming to start mass testing persons suspected of having COVID-19 on…