Chips & Dip 
Russet potato house cut crisps, French onion beer dip P160

Fried Pickles 
Pickled jalapen͂os tempura poppers, cilantro-tahini sauce P125

Ultimate Nachos
Corn tortilla chips, cheese sauce, meat sauce, sour cream, grated cheddar, pico de gallo salsa, red beans, avocado, jalapen͂o rings, and tapa strips P275

Zen Chicken Nuggets
Hainanese chicken crisps, sauce trio: chili, ginger-scallion, and kecap-manis P250

Gangnam Style Chicken Wings
Deep-fried chicken wings, coated in gotchujang glaze P210

A triple-threat tomato meat sauce with beef, bacon, and beer over a bowl of buttered spaghetti, crispy basil P 325

Steak & Ale Pie 
Wagyu beef, button mushrooms in a light, golden-crisp pastry, citrus-dressed greens P310

Polilya Burger
The house burger, Spanish chorizo, red pepper and cheese spread, and jalapen͂o rings, house cut potato crisps P390

Gambas Engkantadas 
Beer-infused gambas al ajillo, mini baguette P440

Merry Land Crab Cakes 
Thai green curry crab and shrimp cakes, tamarind sauce P230

Fish & Chips
River cobbler fillets in a curried beer batter, Raita-style tartar, homemade potato crisps P325

Bangla Mussels 
Steamed mussels in beer, mustard oil, and coconut milk broth, homemade roti P320

Pinoy Caprese 
Smoked kesong puti, tapa, basil, tomatoes, bagoong balsamic vinaigrette P215

Mighty Caesar 
A pasta salad version of the classic with basil and smoked bacon P255

Deep-Fried Apple Pie A La Mode 
Warm pocket pie of cinnamon-kissed apples and a scoop of vanilla ice cream P150

Grown-Up Chocolate Mousse
Davao single-origin  three-chocolate mousse, seasoned with ground pepper and Himalayan salt P175


Weekly Slushie 
Local, frozen, tasty, Price upon request

The Tipsy Paradies 
15 party shots by the 0.25L carafe, Vuqo vodka, pandan, lime, cava P550

I Only Drink Pink
Pink gin fizz, Sloe gin, gin, citrus, cream, egg white, rose water, soda P390

Fonzy Collins 
The great Tom Collins: gin, sour, sweet, soda P280

Woodland Gin & Tonic 
Hendrick’s gin, Fever Tree tonic. woodland bitters, rose water, cucumber ribbon, sage P450

Whiskey Sour 
Polilya whiskey, fresh lemon, sugar, egg white P420

London dry gin, campari, sweet vermouth P340

Tommy’s Margarita 
Reposado tequila, fresh lime, agave P320

Citrus vodka, fresh lime, cranberry pomegranate cordial, triple sec P280

White Russian 
Oldskool nite cap: vodka, Kahlua, cream, coffee P280

Bourbon, campari, sweet vermouth P280

Polilya Old Fashioned 
Polilya whiskey, lager sugar, orange and anglo bitters P295


Blame It On The Heat 
Frozen shandy, lemon, orange, calamansi, agave, stout P145

Cool Bird Spritz 
Aerol spritz, aperol, double IPA, pineapple prosecco, dried mango P290

Polilya Fire 
A fiery paloma: silver tequila, grapefruit, cordial, Thai chili, fresh lime, serrano bitters, IPA foam P350

A lost Mexican favorite spiked: house-made tepache, mezcal, fresh lime, double IPA agave, orange oleo saccharum, pineapple, cilantro P280

Healthy mule: turmeric-infused vodka, pressed ginger syrup, fresh lime, ginger beer, double IPA, dalandan foam P360

Rumandcoke #2 
Above standard: white rum, averna, house-made cola, house A.B.C. bitters, bubbles P365


12 oz, P135
16 oz, P170
20 oz, P200

Blond Ale
12 oz, P155
16 oz, P195
20 oz, P230

Pale Ale
12 oz, P155
16 oz, P195
20 oz, P230

12 oz, P170
16 oz, P215
20 oz, P255

Double IPA 
12 oz, P190
16 oz, P240
20 oz, P285

Four O’Clock Flight
A degustation set of 4 ENGKANTO beers of your choice P280