Brush up on your fact-checking skills with free Google workshops

Calling all journalists and students! There’s a free Google workshop to help you sharpen your fake-news finding skills

ALex lawyer find a lawyer website header nolisoliph
You can find anything on the internet these days—even a lawyer

ALex is an online database that’ll help you connect with a lawyer without needing to call all your titas and titos

I don’t miss the office—I miss the people in it

Look, Washingtonian Media CEO Cathy Merrill, if “office culture” is all you got against employees refusing to go back to the office, think again

More than half of Filipino adults have no bank account. This zero-maintaining balance option can help

Opening a basic deposit account only requires P100, plus it has no maintaining balance and dormancy charges

‘Always wear decent underwear’ and other words of wisdom from my mom

Aside from the typical “look with your eyes” line, moms have a boatload of wisdom to share with all of us

2022 presidential election is a go amid the pandemic. Here’s how COMELEC plans to pull it off

With a year to go, COMELEC says elections will push through, but with more voting precincts for social distancing and expanded absentee voting—and no, mail-in ballots are not an option

A woman getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, courtesy of Grig Montegrande for
This website tells us how long it’ll take until we achieve herd immunity

With vaccination programs (slowly) rolling out, lack of supply is one of the biggest hurdles we’re facing against herd immunity

Here’s what these ‘sustainability’ terms meant before they became greenwashing buzzwords

Know these terms and what they really mean beyond Earth Day

plastic in the air
There’s plastic in the air, and this Google Arts Experiment will show you where it’s from

Turns out it’s not just the obvious culprits like plastic straws that pollute our environment

maginhawa community pantry inquirer header opinion nolisoliph
OPINION: The gov’t’s response to the community pantry movement? Policing and bureaucracy

“This anti-people, bureaucratic response to the grassroots movement is telling of a systematic failure on the part of the government.”