filming an unboxing package video
Hold the unboxing vids! DTI says ‘no video, no refund’ policy illegal

In a huge win for girlies who can’t wait to open their packages, the Department of Trade and Industry says online sellers’ policy falls under “deceptive, unfair, and unconscionable sales acts or practices,” a violation of the Consumer Act

Loud budgeting is 2024’s response to quiet luxury

If you’re over quiet luxury and all the spending-focused trends online, we’re happy to tell you about loud budgeting

‘Loud quitting’ is the latest expression of employee dissatisfaction

‘Loud quitting’ is the opposite of quiet quitting. Instead of doing the bare minimum to survive at work, active workplace sabotage happens instead

Pawssion Project has been rescuing animals since 2018. Now *they* need our help

Things are looking *ruff* for the non-profit, after the animal rescue group found out it was losing its home

screencaptured from videos from storyblocks
Not PH: Where are the stock videos used in the ‘Love the Philippines’ campaign actually from?

No, it’s not Banawe Rice Terraces or Paoay Sand Dunes. It’s somewhere else in the world. The supposed clips of local destinations in the DOT video was actually from Storyblocks, a rapid video creation platform

blue bottle philippine coffee
Specialty coffee roaster Blue Bottle’s newest beans are from the Philippines

The beans are from a farm in Sitio San Roque, Bukidnon

Biking as PE elective? Good idea from Ateneo SHS

Building a generation of bike riders, one class at a time

Original ‘Noli’ and ‘El Fili’ manuscripts now free to view at the Nat’l Library—with audio guides

Dr. Jose Rizal’s masterpieces are just one of the many rare books, photographs, maps, and memorabilia that are now accessible to everyone—free of charge!—including library goers with vision impairment

I was today years old when I found out you can ID plants on iPhone Photos

Visual Look Up helps you identify plants, landmarks, art, and dog breeds. Here’s how

Is it 21 or 23? The confusing history of the martial law declaration

Do you remember the _ night of September?