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Japanese fried food basics from a Japanese culture nerd

No, tempura is not the same as furai

plastic in the air
There’s plastic in the air, and this Google Arts Experiment will show you where it’s from

Turns out it’s not just the obvious culprits like plastic straws that pollute our environment

You can “go” to Art Fair for free this year. Here’s what to expect

Art Fair Philippines 2021 will be online from May 6 to 15. This year’s fair will feature an even wider variety and coverage of art—from traditional mediums to the new and controversial NFTs

For this local resortwear brand, artisans’ handiwork come first

“It always starts with the groups. We really take into consideration their traditions and their crafts and we work from there,” says Idyllic Summers founder Steffi Cua

Milky Way just made their iconic halo-halo available for delivery

The halo-halo kit is good for six servings and even comes in a reusable thermo bag

If you’re looking for a sign to rest, this is it

Really. We’re all experiencing a rest deficit

What’s the difference between all these types of basil?

Sweet, holy—no, I’m not cursing, I just want to talk about basil types

Books from Underground is back in business—and now online

Aside from reopening back at the Lagusnilad underpass, the secondhand bookstore is now also “open” online

This is how creative netizens make cafe-level drinks

Think making a frappe is complicated? These recipes prove otherwise