manila escolta one zero
Looking for a new podcast? Here’s one about OPM and Manila

If you’ve ever been curious about the places featured in your favorite OPM hits, this podcast will tell you all about it

Brush up on your fact-checking skills with free Google workshops

Calling all journalists and students! There’s a free Google workshop to help you sharpen your fake-news finding skills

Romance love lessons kids header nolisoliph
‘Romantic love isn’t everything’ and other things we need to teach our kids

Romance and marriage aren’t the exact same thing as love—which is an important lesson we need to teach our kids

These ugly-delicious cakes are breaking out of the mold—literally

Did a 5-year old make these cakes; what is a ‘cake’, and other cake-xistensial questions

woman staring into the screen in the dark
Working long hours sucks. It also kills, according to WHO

Working 55 hours or more a week is associated with a 35 percent higher risk of stroke and a 17 percent higher risk of dying from ischemic heart disease, a 16-year study found

ALex lawyer find a lawyer website header nolisoliph
You can find anything on the internet these days—even a lawyer

ALex is an online database that’ll help you connect with a lawyer without needing to call all your titas and titos

Low-maintenance friendships header unsplash nolisoliph
Growing up, holding on to friends, and the beauty of low-maintenance friendships

When it comes to low-maintenance friendships, Carole King put it best. “All you have to do is call, and I’ll be there.”

I don’t miss the office—I miss the people in it

Look, Washingtonian Media CEO Cathy Merrill, if “office culture” is all you got against employees refusing to go back to the office, think again

man skincare face
Yes, you still need to wear sunscreen indoors—to protect you from your screens

Apart from harmful UV rays, it seems we have to protect our skin from the light of our screens

still series
They’re Still here: PH theater stars come together for a new online musical series

For the uber keen theater fans, you might have seen hints of a new musical…