Live out your brunch fantasies at these new cafes and restaurants

Brunch is the holy grail of combination meals, and these new cafes and restaurants have turned it into an artform

You can play sipa and tumbang preso with this student-made 2D game

“One Last Game” by Ateneo de Naga University’s Paulo Arnante follows a protagonist who plays one last game with his friends and neighbors before moving to the city

Makati’s Silverlens Gallery has a new space—in New York City

Silverlens Gallery’s latest address is a step forward for diversity and representation in the art community—especially for Southeast Asian and Asian Diasporic voices

Okra, ampalaya, and other vegetables you can turn into chips and snacks

The healthy snacking options you can find in stores are expensive. For the same price, you get twice the amount if you make it yourself at home

Are there ghosts in Intramuros? Find out for yourself at this night walking tour

Intramuros After Dark: Night Walking Tours is back! See the walled city in a new light—or in darkness—while taking a stroll around its structures

3 things worth ordering at the new Cafe Kitsune

Here are our picks from the local menu

corn carrot soup on a bowl and a side of pita chips
Creamy corn, carrot, and coconut milk soup to brighten up your rainy days

It’s golden and will surely warm you up like the sun—and it’s beginner-friendly, too

nolisoli travel guide el nido
Group that named PH as top ocean plastic polluter apologizes for 2015 report

Ocean Conservancy has released an apology regarding the framing of its 2015 report naming East Asian and Southeast Asian countries as the top plastic waste contributors

A student in Ifugao helped discover two new beetle species during the pandemic

By using a home lab setup during lockdowns, a student and his thesis advisers discovered the Anacaena angatbuhay and Anacaena auxilium

aerial view of intramuros
Did you know you can hold events at Intramuros sites for free? But only if…

Sites like Puerta Real Gardens, Baluarte de San Diego, Plaza Roma, and ASEAN Gardens can be the location of your next event, exhibit, or activity