bar boys musical
‘Bar Boys’ original musical: Remarkable beyond reasonable doubt

Although adapted from a 2017 Cinemalaya film of the same title, “Bar Boys” stands on its own with a balanced production that proves to be one of the best shows running this season

ito kish restaurant makati
Ito Kish’s TikTok-famous cafe is now a restaurant where eyes feast first

At its new Makati outpost, Ito Kish Design Food expands its cafe concept into a restaurant space replete with design treasures and San Pablo delicacies served on covetable tableware

A Boracay barbecue of epic proportions—and portions

Barbecue and the beach have been a perfect match since time immemorial

Marina Cruz Rodel Tapaya artists at Istorya Studio in Bulacan
Artists Marina Cruz and Rodel Tapaya find a new canvas for creation in books with IsTorya

IsTorya Studios in Bulacan is not just Cruz and Tapaya’s creative respite; It is also a platform for artists who want to tell stories beyond the canvas, and a boost for small independent creators who want to amplify the voices of others

Parokya ni Edgar musical
The trippy, theatrical spectacle that is the Parokya ni Edgar musical

The newest jukebox musical is an amalgamation of comedy with commentary, women empowerment(?) with crass jokes, crazy randomness with a story that somehow works but also… does it?

LIST: All the deliciously sweet ways we’re cooling down this cruel summer

Cold desserts and sweet treats are a godsend in this blistering, nauseating, rotisserie-oven type weather

9 works theatrical rent musical manila 2024
‘Rent’ in 2024 is a reminder to spend the days you have with love

“No day but today” is musical theater’s YOLO, and it’s telling us to go out to live life, and love

Bulacan coffee shops
3 aesthetic cafes in Bulacan for a mid-road trip coffee break

Bulacan is a province rich in history, heritage, and craftsmanship, but now it’s also slowly growing its cafe culture

bettina tañedo jos mundo edible spread filipino food
How a pastry chef created an island-themed spread with an edible Virgin Mary grotto-inspired centerpiece

Bettina Tañedo’s latest work for woman-owned studio Jos Mundo is a religious and delicious experience replete with Filipino sweets and flavors. And yes, you can eat all of them—save for the rocks and the moss

Halfsaints private dining. HS/ SOCIALS
Half Saints launches private dining and studio

The versatile new space is located on the second floor of the QC restaurant