Museya Kafé by Margarita Forés is one more reason to go to Ayala Museum

Complete your museum day out with delicious fare at the newly opened museum cafe

Bluerep’s ‘Zsazsa Zaturnnah’ had high goals only the cast could reach

The dynamic mix of veteran and student actors headlined by Kim Molina and Phi Palmos more than make up for what the world-building and design lack

‘Hamilton’ is coming to Manila, and we don’t think we can say no to this

The multi-award winning historical rap musical featuring one of America’s founding fathers is *finally* making its way to Asia

Watching ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ sweep the Oscars made me cry

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Old gods meet contemporary dance in Ballet Philippines’ ‘Diyosa’

Ballet Philippines latest production “Diyosa” is a five-act ballet that juxtaposes a modern, imagined universe with the gods of old

Bad Cafe’s barista sim game will keep you awake—caffeine optional

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You can stream ‘Leonor Will Never Die’ and ‘Respeto’ very, very soon

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Ang pao 101: A guide to our favorite red envelope

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Add watching Ballet Philippines’ ‘The Nutcracker’ to your holiday plans

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seven story restored prewar mansion in parañaque
Catch a glimpse of Old Manila at these restored buildings and ancestral homes

Time travel isn’t possible (yet), but we can still see the spirit of Old Manila alive and well in these restored ancestral homes and buildings