A vintage recipe made with bologna stuffed with mashed peas and mayonnaise
Water pie, tuna jello salad and other vintage recipes we *kind of* want to try

While we still use a lot of old recipes in our daily lives, other recipes just fell through the cracks

bauan church facade under construction
Bauan, Batangas’ neo-classical church is now a— We don’t know how to describe it. See for yourself

The 425-year old Bauan Church is undergoing a renovation, which according to the parish only partially done

Torre de Manila looms over the Rizal Monument. Photo by Marianne Bermudez of Inquirer
Bye, heritage site “photobombers.” Cultural Property Sightline Act nears final House approval

The bill aims to ban structures that block the view of national cultural landmarks

Raya and the Last Dragon Watch Kids header nolisoliph
If you don’t want to watch ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ at least let your kids see it

As visual learners, kids seeing characters that look like them as the heroes on screen can open up a world of possibilities

Unsung Filipina Heroes Heroines header nolisoliph
Sharpshooters and spies: The unsung Filipina heroes of war

What does a nun in training, a movie star and a journalist have in common? They were all women who fought in the historical wars of the Philippines

Here’s a list of required reading—written by women—for National Women’s Month

From the heroines of the Hukbalahap to a ladies in their twilight years, reading these stories about women is the perfect way to celebrate March

Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio: A forgotten revolutionary remembered through an illustrated biography

Her great-great-granddaughter tells the story of the “Godmother of the Philippine revolution” for 21st-century readers in full-color

Who is Rosa Sevilla de Alvero? An important figure in the Filipina Suffragist Movement

Google celebrates Sevilla de Alvero’s 142nd birthday with a doodle on its homepage

The National Museum reopens Mar. 2. Here’s how you can book a visit

After almost a year, the National Museums of Fine Arts, Anthropology and Natural History will reopen this week

Food origins: The halo-halo’s macapuno, nata de coco and kaong and how they’re made

We know almost every ingredient of halo-halo by heart, but little has been said about these specialty ingredients that are products of years of scientific research and agricultural innovation