Joy in eating community food experience header nolisoliph
Finding, losing and (kind of) regaining the joy in eating

“The joy of eating isn’t just limited to tasting and consuming, it’s also about appreciating and helping the people who made your food.”

fish coconut jar book magellan-elcano-expedition-circumnavigation
The Magellan-Elcano expedition had food for 2 years. A new book lists their feasts in the country when they ran out

The first publication of the National Quincentennial Committee, “Pigafetta’s Philippine Picnic: Culinary Encounters During the First Circumnavigation, 1519-1522” by food historian Felice Prudente Sta. Maria will be released this week in Cebu

A map of Philippine weaves and the stories of artisan communities woven into it

ANTHILL Fabric Gallery’s latest product, a tapestry map, pins the the places origins of various traditional weaves while ensuring that none of it goes to waste

Philippine literature is going global this National Literature Month

Tell all your friends from around the world, because these National Literature Month events might just be the highlight of your summer

Masked priests carrying out their Lenten duties amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Stations of the cross, masses and other Holy Week events you can catch online

We’re celebrating Holy Week at home. Again. Here’s a schedule of Holy Week events you can attend online

Remember that questionable Bauan Church redesign? NHCP wants answers

In a statement, the agency reminded the parish that the church and convent are important cultural properties that must be preserved and protected from modification

A vintage recipe made with bologna stuffed with mashed peas and mayonnaise
Water pie, tuna jello salad and other vintage recipes we *kind of* want to try

While we still use a lot of old recipes in our daily lives, other recipes just fell through the cracks

bauan church facade under construction
Bauan, Batangas’ neo-classical church is now a— We don’t know how to describe it. See for yourself

The 425-year old Bauan Church is undergoing a renovation, which according to the parish only partially done

Torre de Manila looms over the Rizal Monument. Photo by Marianne Bermudez of Inquirer
Bye, heritage site “photobombers.” Cultural Property Sightline Act nears final House approval

The bill aims to ban structures that block the view of national cultural landmarks

Raya and the Last Dragon Watch Kids header nolisoliph
If you don’t want to watch ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ at least let your kids see it

As visual learners, kids seeing characters that look like them as the heroes on screen can open up a world of possibilities