del union
Surftown’s favorite cafe finally makes it to Manila with Del Union

Same but different: Del Union brings the quality coffee of surftown down to the city, but with a different vibe

Silog, steak, and everything we love about Brunch Bureau’s menu

Whether you’re an early bird or a late riser, Brunch Bureau’s all-day brunch menu will be there for you when you’re ready

lj almendras holding two sweet rice cake with coconut caramel and chamoy
How a Filipino chef pulled off an artsy dinner with binakol, pandesal, and kakanin in NYC

Lj Almendras’ six-course menu for Nicole Coson’s exhibit opening at Silverlens New York is an extension of the show’s literal and metaphorical theme of vessels and a response to America’s past attempts to erase our culinary identity

matcha cafe
These matcha cafes might change your mind about tea

Aside from lattes, you can also enjoy matcha as ice cream, cake, and even mixed with your other favorite drinks

half saints brunch
Half Saints’ new menu turned me into a brunch person

Featuring a special pie from the Tokyo outpost, a brioche that induced happy tears, and bread pudding that ends the meal on a warm, sweet note

chicken inasal
4 spots to satisfy your chicken inasal craving in Manila

While we can’t fly to Bacolod or Iloilo every time the inasal craving hits, here are four restaurants in Manila for chicken that are just as special

Reservations, 24-hour dishes, and what else is new at Manam at the Triangle

Manam has opened a new branch at the Triangle, and we’re enjoying all of our old favorites, as well as some very intriguing new ones

What is Filipino café food, anyway?

Yes, the carbonara is made with all purpose cream and bacon, and no, the kani salad isn’t actually Japanese. But that’s not what matters