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A Boracay barbecue of epic proportions—and portions

A Boracay barbecue of epic proportions—and portions

  • Barbecue and the beach have been a perfect match since time immemorial

Boracay isn’t just an island paradise straight out of imagination, it’s also a culinary mecca. Being one of the top beach destinations in the world, it attracts thousands of travelers yearly. Its genuine melting pot status has resulted in a feast of flavors that make the island worth visiting for more gastronomic pursuits. 

A specific culinary pursuit you shouldn’t miss out on, though, is the Barbecue Night at The Lind. 

This boutique hotel in Boracay’s Station 1 serves as a sensory sanctuary from the island’s hustle and bustle. It’s far enough for you to feel at peace but also close enough if you want to jump in on the action. The resort also serves some damn good food. 

Another side to the beach barbecue

Beachside barbecues have been a thing since time immemorial but the typical barbecue on the stick doesn’t exist here. Typical barbecue fare from all over the world congregates on the near table-side grill and jumps straight to your plate. 

Aside from the delicious food, the view from your seat is unbeatable

Taste aside, the experience offers something for all your senses. You arrive at your table, feeling the sand between your toes and smell the salty breeze and smoke mingle in the air. There’s a faint sizzling in the background as you take your seat and watch the feast being prepared before your eyes. 

Everything on the menu is made fresh and in-house. From the andouille sausage to the compound butter served with sourdough, the culinary team at The Lind try their best to make everything themselves. And that effort is something you can taste. 

Flavors from far and wide

There’s a good mix of cuisine represented on the barbecue experience’s menu. Tandoori tofu, falafel and hummus, calamari, char siu chicken wings, stuffed calamari, and even elote are just a few of the dishes you can enjoy as part of a lovely meal. 

Clockwise from the left: Mexican elote, tomato, basil, cucumber, and olive panzanella, beef koftas, and grilled fresh prawn

A few favorites would have to include the kofta (with a lovely house-made toum I would have loved to take home as a souvenir), a perfectly tender and well-charred grilled octopus, some fresh grilled prawns, the sausages (which were andouille and sai ua, a Thai spiced pork sausage), and of course, the A5 Omi wagyu striploin. 

Octopus and prawn are some of my favorite undersea items. They’re deceptively simple, but they can go wildly wrong if not done correctly. These items are also prone to overcooking, which I’m happy to report wasn’t the case at all. The flavorful prawn stayed succulent, while the well-charred octopus didn’t waltz into gummy territory. 

The octopus is a straightforward dish that is sure to delight any seafood lover

While A5 wagyu is usually reserved for places with fancy white tablecloths and wine pairings, it’s a stroke of genius to serve it by the beach. The rich, fatty steak is grilled to light medium rare (which is the only right way to have it, by the way), and served with a peppercorn gravy. It’s a treat to have anywhere, but it’s made even more special surrounded by nature. 

Dessert you cannot—and will not—decline

For dessert, the barbecue experience takes a decidedly Filipino turn with a turon you cannot possibly say no to (no matter how “full” you are). It’s a classic presentation of the well-beloved streetside snack with sliced bananas and jackfruit rolled tightly in a crispy, golden brown wrapping. Served with a side of sweet and salty sesame caramel sauce, it’s the perfect companion to post-meal conversations. 

No matter how full you think you are, there’s probably still room for some turon
If you want to beat the heat, the bingsu is the dessert for you. Or you can always just get both

If you prefer something lighter for dessert, there’s also a wonderfully refreshing watermelon bingsu. The shaved ice dish of Korean origin is prepared with a watermelon ice base, some beans, and an almost sky-high stacking of fresh red and yellow watermelon. It’s the ideal beachside dessert and a perfect tandem to the warm and rich turon. 

Barbecue Night at The Lind is just further proof of Boracay’s bustling culinary culture. And while there are many other establishments on the island that serve their own brand of barbecue, the flavors and flair served at this experience is one you should definitely consider when it’s time to visit paradise. 

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