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These ugly-delicious cakes are breaking out of the mold—literally

Did a 5-year old make these cakes; what is a ‘cake’, and other cake-xistensial questions

woman staring into the screen in the dark
Working long hours sucks. It also kills, according to WHO

Working 55 hours or more a week is associated with a 35 percent higher risk of stroke and a 17 percent higher risk of dying from ischemic heart disease, a 16-year study found

I don’t miss the office—I miss the people in it

Look, Washingtonian Media CEO Cathy Merrill, if “office culture” is all you got against employees refusing to go back to the office, think again

man skincare face
Yes, you still need to wear sunscreen indoors—to protect you from your screens

Apart from harmful UV rays, it seems we have to protect our skin from the light of our screens

Am I the only one who hasn’t had a slice of the hottest pie in town?

With sold-out drops for its unique pie flavors, Hey Pie People—Filipino Chinese American pie maker Raeanne Young Sagan’s brainchild—may just be the most in-demand dessert shop right now

The next ‘it’ skincare ingredient could be antioxidant-rich mango leaves

It turns out the golden fruit’s leaves have natural anti-aging and whitening properties that can rival mainstream skincare ingredients like ascorbic acid

More than half of Filipino adults have no bank account. This zero-maintaining balance option can help

Opening a basic deposit account only requires P100, plus it has no maintaining balance and dormancy charges

Oh, the pieces we would’ve posed next to if Art Fair 2021 were an in-person affair

For sure these pieces would have ended up on our IG, because god knows we can’t afford them

2022 presidential election is a go amid the pandemic. Here’s how COMELEC plans to pull it off

With a year to go, COMELEC says elections will push through, but with more voting precincts for social distancing and expanded absentee voting—and no, mail-in ballots are not an option

Go camping in a luxury tent by the river at this nature stay in Tanay

Bulod Campsite is a camping, hiking and recreation grounds situated next to Agos River. It’s also a social enterprise that provides livelihood to indigenous communities nearby