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QCinema 2022: Free films, discounts, digitally restored classics, and first-in-PH titles

Mike De Leon’s “Itim,” Dolly de Leon in “Triangle of Sadness,” Wong Kar-wai’s “In the Mood for Love” in 4K, and exciting new features and shorts are just some of the highlights of this year’s film festival

Chef Christina Sunae’s Filipino tamales honor its Mesoamerican roots

This version of tamale is closer to that of Kapampangans and uses rice flour cooked in coconut milk, and banana leaf in lieu of corn husk

Original ‘Noli’ and ‘El Fili’ manuscripts now free to view at the Nat’l Library—with audio guides

Dr. Jose Rizal’s masterpieces are just one of the many rare books, photographs, maps, and memorabilia that are now accessible to everyone—free of charge!—including library goers with vision impairment

A view of Mexico City beyond the beauty of Barragán buildings

Brand manager and floral artist Pierre Capati takes us on a visual, gastronomical, and cultural trip to Mexico City

Bike your way to these Marikina streetside coffee shops

If you find yourself in Marikina, your next cup of coffee is closer than you think. These coffee shops are conveniently located along major roads

She missed Harry Styles’ concert. Thank god there are tons to do in New York

Photographer Tammy David’s month of walking around, sitting in public spaces, reading magazines, and having three-hour meals with friends in New York

Revisiting Bali, Indonesia through the eyes of photojournalist Geela Garcia

The Indonesian province is more than just its beautiful beaches and with travel restrictions easing up, it’s ready to show the world its other wonders

I was today years old when I found out you can ID plants on iPhone Photos

Visual Look Up helps you identify plants, landmarks, art, and dog breeds. Here’s how

It’s Vintage’s new Makati space is a glimpse inside its owner Fed Pua’s brain

In this interview, its owner and creative director talks about his small renovation project, growing out of his former brand Factory Boy’s “college cool,” and merging his love for the arts and fashion in one space

Most people wear shoes in the wrong size. Here’s how to properly measure your feet

Wearing ill-fitting footwear can lead to foot pain and disorders such as toe deformity, corns, and calluses