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Finding paradise as a Filipino artist living a thousand miles away from home

Augustine Paredes’ body of art explores queer desires along with the migrant experience in places where they are forbidden or simply overlooked

The unending humanity of Geloy Concepcion photographs

He is a photographer, confidant, and keeper of internet strangers’ dreams, desires, and pains that social media would rather not show you

rabbits raised in cage for food
This Year of the Rabbit, would you eat, well, rabbit?

They’re lean, protein-packed, and surprisingly climate-friendly but they’re also too cute to eat

These recipes prove not all salads are bland, calorie-less, and punitive

Yes, an assortment of green leafy vegetables tossed with a sauce is a meal. It’s what you make of it

You’re allowed to have sad feelings toward work

Why you’re still being told to love your work by people who don’t even know what “work” means for you

2022 food trends: The year TikTok democratized eating well?

For better or for worse, TikTok mainstreamed otherwise obscure food choices and made eating well more “accessible” for regular restaurant-goers

Gift ideas for *existential* parents that don’t involve you giving them grandchildren

Don’t know what to get your apo-deprived parents? Anything that will distract them should do for now

In Pattaya, Thailand’s disparate tourist bubble, the beach is only the starting point

The beach town akin to our own Subic, a sleepy town transformed by tourism and militarization is on the way to becoming a seaside metropolis much like Miami

Home for the holidays and every time in between

For this friend group of creatives, to live in proximity of each other is a way to approximate a shared experience of longing for a physical and proverbial space

‘A home where we can be ourselves’—preferably with friends in close proximity

Home is where the heart is for Judd Figuerres and Ipe Cervantes. It also happens to be a few doors away from their friends’ homes