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Revisiting Bali, Indonesia through the eyes of photojournalist Geela Garcia

The Indonesian province is more than just its beautiful beaches and with travel restrictions easing up, it’s ready to show the world its other wonders

I was today years old when I found out you can ID plants on iPhone Photos

Visual Look Up helps you identify plants, landmarks, art, and dog breeds. Here’s how

It’s Vintage’s new Makati space is a glimpse inside its owner Fed Pua’s brain

In this interview, its owner and creative director talks about his small renovation project, growing out of his former brand Factory Boy’s “college cool,” and merging his love for the arts and fashion in one space

Most people wear shoes in the wrong size. Here’s how to properly measure your feet

Wearing ill-fitting footwear can lead to foot pain and disorders such as toe deformity, corns, and calluses

Wareco’s Therese Regalado goes beyond the limits of light and lightness

With a new six-piece collection of rattan furniture reinforced with metal and glass, the maker rethinks the material bounds of creativity

Tare: A Japanese sauce of only 4 ingredients and 101 uses

Lawrence Cua of seafood sandwich shop Bun Appetit shares his favorite Japanese condiment to pair with barbecue

#NeverForget: Events, film screenings, forums on martial law’s 50th anniversary

This Sept. 23 marks 50 years since martial law was declared. These activities aim to remind us about the atrocities that came with it

How to stay cool while commuting

Say goodbye to sweaty trips and hello to breezy biyahe—at least that’s the goal

In defense of eating alone

There is joy in eating out by yourself even if it isn’t for everyone

Where do text scammers get our names? Here are some hypotheses

Smishing messages are getting eerily specific, now containing our names. Even a Supreme Court Justice is alarmed