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cookbook with recipes
The case for ditching the recipe

The numbered procedures add up to the stress of cooking in quarantine. I say ignore it

This app picks up your recyclables while teaching you basic waste management

No need to go out just to drop off plastics, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, tin cans and other recyclables at the nearest facility, Trash Panda will do that for you

an elderly woman being injected with covid-19 vaccine by a health worker
Can you be vaccinated against COVID-19? It depends on these factors

DOH just released vaccination guidelines with factors like age, exposure and existing health conditions, determining whether or not you may be able to get vaccinated against COVID-19

nolisoli alternative noche buena spread roast turkey healthy vegan cheese sausages inanutshell
LIST: Plant-based cheeses that taste like the real thing

After beef and lamb, cheese has the highest gas emission in food. Is it time we switch to plant-based cheese?

bauan church facade under construction
Bauan, Batangas’ neo-classical church is now a— We don’t know how to describe it. See for yourself

The 425-year old Bauan Church is undergoing a renovation, which according to the parish only partially done

kimchi on a bowl held by two hands
How to make quick kimchi—no fermentation necessary

You can kimchi anything but the sink and with this recipe you won’t even have to wait

view of earth from outer space
Watch these enviro-mentaries at WWF’s Earth Hour PHlix before lights out on Mar. 27

Teach kids about wildlife conservation, learn the basics of sustainable dining and dive deep into our plastic problem, because simply flicking the switch is not enough

Calauit Island, former home to Tagbanua people turned Marcoses’ safari, reopens to tourists

Located in Palawan, the 3,700-hectare island/wildlife park is home to giraffes, zebras, waterbucks and elands that the Marcos family original shipped from Kenya

Make your own mugs, bowls and plates with these pottery making workshops

If you’re looking for a hobby or something to keep you occupied this month, these pottery studios are doing virtual and intimate on-ground workshops

Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio: A forgotten revolutionary remembered through an illustrated biography

Her great-great-granddaughter tells the story of the “Godmother of the Philippine revolution” for 21st-century readers in full-color