bettina tañedo jos mundo edible spread filipino food
How a pastry chef created an island-themed spread with an edible Virgin Mary grotto-inspired centerpiece

Bettina Tañedo’s latest work for woman-owned studio Jos Mundo is a religious and delicious experience replete with Filipino sweets and flavors. And yes, you can eat all of them—save for the rocks and the moss

natural wine
If you need wine to impress the guests *and* the host, look no further than this list

’Tis the season for wine and merrymaking. But don’t get your bottle at the grocery

Home for the holidays and every time in between

For this friend group of creatives, to live in proximity of each other is a way to approximate a shared experience of longing for a physical and proverbial space

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Whether you’re hosting a dinner party for the first or the fiftieth time, these guidelines will help you make it the best gathering it can be

The lost art of being a good dinner guest

Being invited to someone’s home is a big deal. Here are a few bits of advice that can equip you to be the best guest possible

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Did you know you can hold events at Intramuros sites for free? But only if…

Sites like Puerta Real Gardens, Baluarte de San Diego, Plaza Roma, and ASEAN Gardens can be the location of your next event, exhibit, or activity

Tell us your go-to beer and we’ll tell you what noche buena food should be on your Christmas spread

Ah, Christmas! Finally, a reason to drink—in peace or with the company of family. Here are some suggested pairings based on your beer personality

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Nolisoli gift guide: Cheers to all the drinks that helped us survive this *nightmare* of a year

For most of us, Christmas is a time to celebrate and look back on the…

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This mall is repurposing its gondolas for a float-in theater experience

The limits of human ingenuity and creativity have been pushed and redefined this pandemic, but…

Ayala Festival of Lights online on-demand virtual edition header nolisoliph
Ayala Triangle Garden’s Festival of Lights is going online—and on-demand

November is almost over, which means Christmas is truly almost here. Although many of us…