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manila escolta one zero
Looking for a new podcast? Here’s one about OPM and Manila

If you’ve ever been curious about the places featured in your favorite OPM hits, this podcast will tell you all about it

still series
They’re Still here: PH theater stars come together for a new online musical series

For the uber keen theater fans, you might have seen hints of a new musical…

ice cream
Is it getting unbearably hot? Try these dairy-free ice creams to cool off

Looking for vegan options for ice cream? Here’s a list

Is coriander the same as cilantro? Well yes, and no

Let’s settle it once and for all—and save each other the trouble of getting the wrong herb at the market

citrus desserts
These lemon, lime and calamansi desserts will bring the taste of summer to your plates

This year will see us spending summer at home again, so let’s at least enjoy it with some tropical treats

vintage cakes
Vintage cakes are my new quarantine pick-me-up

Not only are they reminders of better days, they’re mesmerizing enough to take our mind off of today’s troubles

tiktok mayo ramen
This TikTok hack changed the way I eat (instant) ramen

The best part is you can still get it done in less than five minutes

Japanese fried food basics from a Japanese culture nerd

No, tempura is not the same as furai

plastic in the air
There’s plastic in the air, and this Google Arts Experiment will show you where it’s from

Turns out it’s not just the obvious culprits like plastic straws that pollute our environment

You can “go” to Art Fair for free this year. Here’s what to expect

Art Fair Philippines 2021 will be online from May 6 to 15. This year’s fair will feature an even wider variety and coverage of art—from traditional mediums to the new and controversial NFTs