MRT train
Thank god, MRT trains now have new aircons. Rides are free till May 30, too

Starting March 28, passengers can avail of the free ride following the successful completion of the rail line’s rehabilitation

text spam screen
This trick will stop spam texts once and for all. But there’s a catch

First, don’t click on any links. Second, don’t reply. The third step needs a bit of explaining

a hand holding a woven basahan mat
Basahan makers in Payatas hope their P15 mats get same recognition, value as American design

Reacting to the viral Vogue feature of woven creations reminiscent of a basahan, mat makers are actually happy that people recognize their designs. But they also hope it will lead to bigger margins and possible government support

plated tapsilog
What is a ‘Filipinx’ tapsilog, Bon Appétit?

We have so many questions, chief among them, who eats tapsilog with that little sinangag?

actress dexter doria on set of her new online web series didiserye
Dexter Doria is tired of seeing martial law misinformation online so she made this series

The actress wants to debunk historical revisionism while making complex theories digestible for everyone through her educational series “Didiserye”

a motorist presenting his vaccination card to a police officer at a checkpoint
COVID vaccination cards are badly designed. Here’s how to care for it anyway

This flimsy paper is your gate pass to everywhere nowadays, you will certainly want to keep it intact. But how?

woman staying in a hotel
Besides Poblacion Girl’s hotel, others apparently have pay-to-skip-quarantine schemes, too. Now what?

DOT confirms something we’ve suspected all along: Hotels are accepting bribes to allow travelers to skip quarantine. And it’s not just that Makati hotel where the Poblacion “patient zero” stayed

top stories 2021 collage nolisoli
2021 in 10 stories: A botched church, $3 isaw, and best store-bought butter

These are the stories that we wrote this year that you liked best—or were most intrigued enough by to read and share

queue at a gas station in cebu after typhoon odette
Ship your Typhoon Odette donations to Cebu and Surigao for free through these initiatives

To help facilitate the sending of relief goods to those affected by Typhoon Odette, Gothong Southern Shipping Lines is offering to ship free of charge from Manila to Cebu, pier to pier

1000 peso bill 2022
Is the P1,000 bill redesign a front for historical erasure?

The three war heroes will be replaced by the Philippine eagle, prompting critics to ask if it is an attempt at collective forgetting of war atrocities