Shop vintage and sustainably-made clothes at this upcoming pop-up at Futurist

The multi-disciplinary creative space is hosting vintage store Glorious Dias and sustainable clothing label ec at a pop-up from Feb. 25-27

Manila’s biggest Muji store has advisors, an event space and even a water refilling service

Aside from more Muji products, customers can expect experience-based services from its soon to open 1,400 sqm. store

These bouquets prove that practicality trumps extravagant gestures this Valentine’s Day 2021

It pays to be practical this love holiday especially since we’re currently in a recession. Instead of flowers, opt for a spray of nutrient-rich vegetables

Nolisoli Selections drop 3 header
This is why you *can* have nice things: #NolisoliLumadEskwela is back for one last drop

For the final leg of our online auction-slash-fundraiser, we’re auctioning off pieces from Tammy David, Corinne de San Jose, Gabriel Bustos Santos and more

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5 zero-waste stores outside Manila that can help you live more sustainably

It’s a new year, which means it’s the perfect time to make the switch to better, more earth-friendly shopping habits

Buy second hand furniture items new year nolisoliph
New Year shouldn’t always mean buying “new” things

While there are items you should *definitely* buy brand new, sometimes buying second hand is far better

The perfect post-quarantine transition clothes are also post-athleisure

Patton is not just loungewear as its clean lines and silhouettes suggest. It’s clothing that wants you to take it with you everywhere you go—even if it’s just at home

Gift ideas for those delivering *our* gifts

Show gratitude to our hardworking delivery persons with these practical gifts

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Nolisoli gift guide: Cheers to all the drinks that helped us survive this *nightmare* of a year

For most of us, Christmas is a time to celebrate and look back on the…

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Zarah Juan x Ligo Sardines is a thing—and we want what they’re serving

On the list of things we never expected to see from a homegrown fashion brand:…