Shop vintage and sustainably-made clothes at this upcoming pop-up at Futurist

The multi-disciplinary creative space is hosting vintage store Glorious Dias and sustainable clothing label ec at a pop-up from Feb. 25-27

‘Crochet yarn?’: Where to buy handmade crocheted clothes and accessories on IG

If you didn’t pick up crocheting or knitting as a hobby over quarantine, fret not; there are creative yarnheads online selling their wares in all their crocheted glory

hindy weber
P2,021 for 2021: Hindy Weber’s sustainable apparel line goes on sale

Clothes from Hindy Weber Every.Day are made using natural, organic, raw and compostable or biodegradable materials

We’re washing clothes more than necessary. These T-shirts want to change that

Clothing is one of the most water-intensive things to make and maintain. Environmentally-conscious brand Pangaia’s peppermint oil-infused tees are working to reverse that

ukay ukay thiftshop clothes
You’re probably buying ‘newtro’ clothes—not vintage. Here’s the difference

A combination of the words “new” and “retro”, “newtro” refers to a cultural movement—mostly manifested in fashion—that’s sweeping South Korea and the world by storm

These limited edition Doraemon and Totoro luxury goods are yours if you have money to spare

If you have money to burn, Gucci and Loewe have new collections featuring these beloved Japanese animated characters

The perfect post-quarantine transition clothes are also post-athleisure

Patton is not just loungewear as its clean lines and silhouettes suggest. It’s clothing that wants you to take it with you everywhere you go—even if it’s just at home

Zara Juan Ligo Sardines collab header nolisoliph
Zarah Juan x Ligo Sardines is a thing—and we want what they’re serving

On the list of things we never expected to see from a homegrown fashion brand:…

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The gifts just keep coming with our second Nolisoli Selections drop

By this time, you should have completed your Christmas shopping. But what if you haven’t?…

Out of gifting ideas? Nolisoli Selections is back to help

If you haven’t decided on what to get your friends and family for Christmas, our…