seven dog puppies sitting on the floor
Insurance for pets exists. Here’s how you can get your dog one

For a minimum annual fee of P2,800, you can have your beloved pet insured from sickness and injuries

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‘Romantic love isn’t everything’ and other things we need to teach our kids

Romance and marriage aren’t the exact same thing as love—which is an important lesson we need to teach our kids

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Growing up, holding on to friends, and the beauty of low-maintenance friendships

When it comes to low-maintenance friendships, Carole King put it best. “All you have to do is call, and I’ll be there.”

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Play these Filipino lullabies when you need an express ticket to dreamland

Sleep is a fickle, fickle master—but playing these Filipino lullabies in the background might just help you get some shuteye

Wait, does the full moon really affect my sleep schedule?

Yes, according to a number of studies and folklore at least

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Face masks are an essential way to keep us safe, but wearing one isn’t always a viable option for some

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